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Rainbow Radio - Items filtered by date: Thursday, 14 September 2017
Two head teachers have been relieved of their post and six others interdicted pending investigations by the Ghana Education Service (GES). The affected head teachers allegedly charged illegal fees under the free SHS policy. A statement from GES signed by the Director Genera,l Professor Kwasi Opoku-Amankwa said “After our deliberations with them, we realized that they had infractions against the implementation guidelines [for the free SHS] that had been given to them.’’ He added, some of the invited teachers have provided evidence that “we need to check and cross check.’’ He revealed, Mr. Blasu Wisdom, headmaster of Pentecost SHS in Koforidua, , is one of the head teachers relieved of his post for charging illegal fees and he will also be reposted to teach in a classroom. The assistant headmaster of Duffor SHS, Rev. S P Elewokor, was also relieved of his post and is to be reposted to teach in a classroom. According to him, for failing to supervise his subordinate, the head teacher of Duffor SHS, Mr. SCK Agbakey, will be reprimanded. The headmaster of La Presbyterian School in Osu, Samuel Salamat, has also been interdicted for asking students to pay for their desk or risk standing in class.
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Public Relations Officer of Ghana National Fire Service, DO1 Prince Billy Anaglatey has described as unfortunate the threat to shorten his life by some unknown faces. Such people have been using the availability of social media platforms to disseminate information to the latter on various occasions. They claim in addition to his duties to serve society, he descends into the personal affairs of Dr. Albert Brown Gaizie, the erstwhile Chief Fire Officer. Per the messages he receives, he defends the C.F.O. to stay at post when he was not to. DO1 Anaglatey thinks those behind the act are people who hate fairness and his ability to have worked humbly with successive chief fire officers which he promise to do with any boss appointed for him including the current one. The threat messages to gun him down started coming to him about a year ago at which time the then chief fire officer, Dr. Brown Gaizie accompanied him to file a complaint with the police service and the BNI. He said none of these numerous threats pushes him because he might not be the only public servant to suffer such. With trust in the security services to carry out vivid investigations, the man under attack by people of fictitious identity says he only tries to give off his best and that he pleads with authorities that be, to have the public educated to understand certain principals so they can stay away from such behavior.⁠⁠ Some of the messages sent to him and intercepted by rainbowradioonline.com read: ‘’If you think you are defending and telling lies is your hobby then we will be left with no option than to pour acid on you because idiot like you does not deserve to be living among us in this society.#f*****f***’’ Another one read: ‘’have you seen how st**** you look now?You refused to listen to advice. And the fly that refuse to listen to advice follows the corps to the grave…#Shame NOTE: Messages published as sent to the fire officer and unedited. By: Daniel Asuku
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The Member of Parliament (MP) for Manso Adubia Hon. Yaw Frimpong Addo wants the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) scrapped. The legislator told Kwame Tutu on Rainbow Radio that by law, basic education ends at the junior high level but we [NPP] argued in 2016 that basic education should end at the senior high level. The MP said, for the policy of basic education up to the secondary to become a reality, there is one component I will advocate to be scrapped. From the JHS to SHS, the BECE should be scrapped so every child that will start from KG will end up at the secondary level. ‘’If we want the universal basic education achieved, we should scrap the BECE. That should be the objective. We should all support the advocacy and ensure that the exam at the basic level is scrapped. An educated country he explained will always develop hence the need for Ghana to invest heavily in educating the young ones so they will also contribute to the development of this country. ‘’We will witness the benefit of the free SHS in the next 20-30 years. An educated country will never lack behind because the citizens are well educated, he stressed. The Progressive People’s Party (PPP) has also reiterated its call on government to scrap the BECE. The PPP said the only way Ghana can harness the full potential of its human resources is through free compulsory education of children from Kindergarten to the senior high school levels. The presidential candidate Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom in 2016 said, for the Free Compulsory Universal Basic Education (FCUBE) to be well achieved, it was necessary that the BECE is cancelled so as to allow students move through to the second-cycle without any hindrances. Speaking at a mini-rally at Matsekope in the Sege constituency in the Greater Accra Region during the campaign period, he stated that the BECE was not relevant anymore but was only making thousands of liabilities to society as students who are unable to pass become uneducated and unskillful on the labour market. “If our children fail today, they go home. Then it ends there. We don’t want that. Their movement should be progressive. So, every child will be put through school through to SHS and technical school levels,” he had said.
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New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) MP for Manso Adubia has asserted that some individuals within the National Democratic Congress (NDC), planned and plotted the defeat of former La Dadekotopon MP, Nii Amasah Namoale. The NPP he said, capitalized on that to win the seat from the NDC in that constituency. The two were guests on Frontline the breakfast show on Rainbow Radio 87.5fm today [Thursday]. Nii Amasah Namoale during the discussion alleged that, he lost the election because of the electoral fraud by the NPP. Nii Amasah Namoale said: ‘’There are people who are claiming that I could not defeat the NPP candidate. Fine, but let me tell you the history of La Dadekotopon, nobody loses an election in La Dadekotopon with less than 5000 votes, nobody. The history of La Dadekotopon is that every person who comes gets only a term; I took my seat from the NPP and not NDC. Yes I have lost by courtesy of some of my own people by 1600 votes. People were telling me to go and protest but I say I won’t protest because the NPP knew there were a lot of fraud but I say I won’t protest…At least to keep my credibility intact.’’ But commenting on what the former MOP said, Hon. Addo said, the defeat of his colleague was orchestrated within his own party because he was not part of a certain camp within the NDC. ‘’Nii Amasah Namoale should not have lost the election because he won by 15,000 in 2012 but because they knew where he belonged, they orchestrated his defeat and we [NPP] also capitalized on that, he said. The outspoken politician who is nursing a presidential ambition failed in his quest to retain his seat in this year’s general elections after polling 38,504 votes. He was beaten by Mr Vincent Sowah Odotei, former Chief Executive Officer of Accra Hearts of Oak football club who garnered 40,126 votes.
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Manso Adubia MP Hon. Yaw Frimpong Addo, has stated on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm that the deep cracks within the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) is nothing new. The legislator who was contributing on a submission made by former La Dadekotopon MP Nii Amasah Namoale, that he is being attacked and insulted for expressing his interest to contest former President John Dramani Mahama said, the deep cracks within the party has become more visible due to their humiliating defeat. Nii Amasah Namoale had lamented the increasing  attacks both through social media and phone by some supporters of former President Mahama. The former MP told Kwame Tutu that the situation can affect their chances in 2020 if it is not addressed. Contributing to the submission Hon. Addo insisted that the NDC currently suffering from unity crisis and the ripple effects are yet to come. He said, the NDC described itself as a solid block and lambasted Nana Addo for supervising a divided party and told Ghanaians that he [Nana Addo] was incapable of managing Ghana. He quizzed why the NDC will embark on a unity walk after telling Ghanaians how strong the party was. According to Hon. Yaw Frimpong Addo, the former president did not only give the NDC a humiliating defeat but has caused division within the party. ''They claim to have organized a unity walk but isn’t it a paradox? Every sane human being will conclude that former President Mahama did not only suffer a humiliating defeat but he has divided the party.’’ The peace walk he posited was used to test the waters and to see if the former president was still popular. The NDC he added is going to find it difficult to unite their front because an explosion has already occurred within the party. ‘’Former President Mahama is going to face a fierce competition because a lot of candidates are interested in the presidential seat. He will not have it easy as a candidate,’’ he said.
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One of the major electoral casualties in the 2016 parliamentary election that shocked some individuals, was the defeat chalked by former La-Dadekotopon constituency MP, Nii Amasah Namoale. The outspoken politician who is nursing a presidential ambition failed in his quest to retain his seat in this year’s general elections after polling 38,504 votes. He was beaten by Mr Vincent Sowah Odotei, former Chief Executive Officer of Accra Hearts of Oak football club who garnered 40,126 votes. However, speaking to Kwame Tutu on Frontline on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, Nii Amasah Namoale said he lost the election because of NPP’s fraud. The former legislator said, his failure to seek legal redress was personal despite pressure from his supporters who felt same. ‘’There are people who are claiming that I could not defeat the NPP candidate. Fine, but let me tell you the history of La Dadekotopon, nobody loses an election in La Dadekotopon with less than 5000 votes, nobody. The history of La Dadekotopon is that every person who comes gets only a term; I took my seat from the NPP and not NDC. Yes I have lost by courtesy of some of my own people by 1600 votes. People were telling me to go and protest but I say I won’t protest because the NPP knew there were a lot of fraud but I say I won’t protest…At least to keep my credibility intact.’’ He also took his gun on supporters of former President Mahama for attacking and mocking his presidential ambition due to his inability to maintain his seat. He fiercely quizzed if the former president did not lose his seat to Nana Addo adding, ‘’if someone has lost an election, that is not the person’s end.’’ He also called on supporters of Mr. Mahama who are clamoring for his return, to desist from insulting people who have expressed interest in contesting the former president. In his opinion, the situation if not curtailed could make the NDC go into the 2020 elections with a divided front.
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The National Identification Authority has outdoored a new national identification card, with the promise to launch its massive registration exercise in the coming days. This was done at a press briefing held by the authority yesterday [Wednesday]. Executive Director, for NIA  Professor Ken Agyemang Attefuah said the Authority is prepared to embark the exercise projected to formalise Ghana’s economy. “The National Identification Authority is ready to provide Ghanaians with a modern robust national identification system and a smart ID card that will meet the modern aspirations of the people of Ghana and carry us into the future.’’ The official launch is expected to be done tomorrow [Friday] September 15 by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo. The launch will officially pave the way for the rolling out of the new identification process. According to NIA, the exercise will start with the security agencies, schools, banks and the population in the Greater Accra Region. The Central, Western and Brong Ahafo regions will follow after the Greater Accra. All other regions will follow later. Margins Group through a private public partnership was tasked to make the new cards and new identification system. According to the company’s CEO, Moses Baiden, the new card is the most secured Identification card with about 14 international security features and It also has a multi-purpose function. Another new feature of the card is the passport and ECOWAS logos on it, which allow it to be used in place of a passport across ECOWAS member countries. He added that, the new card is that apart from it being a national identification card, it will also be linked to one’s bank account to enhance modern payment systems and has a life span of 10 years.New Identif
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Presidential hopeful and former MP for La-Dadekotopon constituency, Nii Amasah Namoale has taken a swipe at former President John Dramani Mahama over the recent peace walk organized in Tamale. Speaking on Frontline on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, the former legislator posited that, the peace walk was not sanctioned by the structures of the party however; he was castigated by his own party supporters who are associated with the former president. The parallel groups formed by the NDC caused our defeat in 2016 and for the party to win 2020 as proposed, then the  structures of the party should be respected. The man who is seeking to defeat Nana Addo in 2020 should he be given the nod, described the organizers of Mahama’s peace walk as Ngo that is not recognized by the party. ‘’Have we sold our party franchise to a unity walk? There is nothing wrong if we organize a peace walk but have we sold our franchise to the NGO? We are to heal the party but in doing so, we msust  make sure we use the party structures.  He was emphatic that some individuals in the party will not allow the NDC to be hijacked for the second time. ‘’We need to respect the chairman of the party. We cannot just be there and see people organize a unity walk and call every NDC member to join. There is nothing wrong if they are organizing it for the NDC,’’ but they need to respect the party structures.’’ He quizzed, ‘’were you in collaboration with the regional executives? If you were in collaboration with the executives, no problem but we will not entertain the situation where people want to hijack the party; some of us will talk because we won’t allow the party to be hijacked for the second time again.’’
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An Executive Member and the Central regional chairman for the Conference of Private Second Cycle Schools (CHOPSS), Mr. Fred Asare is insisting that, government must expand the coverage of the free senior high school to cover them as well. Speaking in an interview with Kwame Tutu on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, he said government should rather allocate the funds for the free SHS to the beneficiaries so they will choose between the private and public schools. He told the host, if that was done, the challenges encountered with the placement would have been prevented. He lamented why government has neglected the private schools despite their collaborations in the past. He gave the hint that private second cycle schools will have no option than to lay off graduate teachers in their schools should government fail to address their concerns. Mr. Asare said, CHOPSS has engaged with the Ministry of Education and government on the implementation of the policy ''and so we are surprised that we have been neglected. When asked why private schools charge exorbitant fees as compared to public schools, he explained, we have different private schools. We have those that charge in dollars because they write foreign exams. We also have the main stream private schools with moderate fees because we all write WASSCE just any other public school. Our fees are moderate,’’ he stressed. He also suggested that government can subsidize the fees charged by CHOPSS. At a press conference yesterday [Wednesday], CHOPSS expressed its disappointment with the effect the policy is having on admissions in private schools, with reports that enrollment of first-years has dropped significantly. National Secretary of CHOPSS, Joseph Dzamesi, said the free SHS policy has rendered them jobless. “What is to happen to the millions of Ghana cedis that have been invested into our schools. What is to happen to 10,000 plus Ghanaian workers who are employed in our schools,” he questioned. “Our schools should be tagged private and the parents should be informed that when a private school is selected, the students would have to pay the school fees,” Mr. Dzamesi stated. “With this, a student who may not be happy with his or her placement or a student who is not able to find a school that he or she likes may select a private school on the website and go to that private school.”
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A parent by name Yaa Pomaah, is alleging that a teacher at the Adahomasi secondary school in the Ashanti region, requested an amount of GHc900 to manipulate the system to her ward be admitted as a boarder. According to her, the school  have refused to admit candidates who are residents in and around Kumasi as boarders. She said, the school says only candidates from other regions would be admitted as boarders. She made the disclosure in an interview with Kwame Tutu on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm. Parents she lamented are worried that, their wards have to resort to hostel facilities for their wards.  This she explains ''is the best because our wards would not be under any strict supervision. Another parent expressed his frustration over the inability for his ward to gain admission into the school as a boarder. He asserted that the distance from their house to the school is far hence the ward cannot go in as a day student. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education has cautioned parents whose wards have qualified for the 2017 Senior High School (SHS) academic programme not to pay school fees to heads of institutions. The caution, according to the deputy Education Minister, Dr. Yaw Osei Adutwum, has become necessary because government was taking care of all such expenses. “As a matter of fact, Parents’ Teacher Association-levied fees like utilities, development levy, and even teacher motivation were going to be paid by the government, as a result, we’ve made it abundantly clear to headmasters that money should not be the reason why a student should not go to school, therefore no parent should receive a bill,” he told the media at a press conference a week ago.
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