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Rainbow Radio - Items filtered by date: Saturday, 17 February 2018
Ghanaian actor, director, satirist, talk show host, and author, Kweku Sintim Misa aka KSM, has lambasted prophets who predict the death of celebrities and known personalities in the country. He referred to their prophecies as irresponsible, childish and foolish. He wondered why the prophets only prophesy about doom and not anything good. In his view, their prophecies lack common sense and blamed Ghanaians for entertaining such prophets who claim to be working for God. He challenged them to ask God to direct them on how we can fix our ailing economy. KSM described their prophecies as predictive prophecies stating, they only say these celebrities are going to die but when they pray against them, they will not die. What kind of childish behaviour is that? Some of these prophets are so ridiculous and I challenge them to meet me on my show so I challenge them with what I have learnt. He said, he does not believe these prophets are worshiping the God he knows because the God he [KSSM] knows is no respector of persons. On the death of Ebony Reigns originally known as Priscilla Opoku-Kwarteng, he quizzed why the prophets failed to see the death of the other persons who died alongside the musician. Death he stated is evitable and the prophets prophesying the death of people will also die. The celebrated actor had earlier posted on his Facebook expressing his displeasure about these prophecies. He was speaking to GH Entertainment with host, Mr. Handsome. Read his post below: OPEN LETTER TO THE MIGHTY PROPHETS Dear mighty and powerful prophets of Ghana. I know God talks to you directly when you are “in the spirit” as you put it. I beg o. I have one small request. Please, next time you are in the spirit and God talks to you, I beg o, can you ask him to tell you how Ghana can fix the unemployment wahala. I beg many of our youth are looking desperately for jobs. I want GOD to give you a prophecy on how to fix that. Then come and prophesy. Kindly ask God to tell you how we can make Ghana a great nation. I beg o, please ask God how we can make our economy great wai. When he or she tells you, then come and give us some prophecy on Ghana becoming a great nation. Finally, tell God, that I plead with him or her in all humility, that he should stop telling you ONLY about how and when people will die. Tell God, that I respectfully speak on behalf of many Ghanaians when I say that we are tired of our mighty prophet’s obsession with people who are going to die. If I may be bold for a second, it’s your fault, God. Today you reveal to them that an important King about to die, next you reveal to them that many journalists are going to die, then you tell them many celebrities are about to die… we even heard that you revealed that one of the first ladies was going to die. Oh God, I beg, can’t you give them something else to tell us that will EMPOWER US? We need it, God. There are so much negativity and hopelessness, we need something to UPLIFT US. Please I mean no disrespect but we are sick and tired of all these PROPHETS OF DOOM!!!! This is my small request. cc: ALL THE PROPHETS OF DOOM. “YA BRE MO”
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Public Relations Officer (PRO) for Charter House, organizers of the annual Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMAs), George Quaye, has revealed on GH Entertainment that, self acclaimed dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale has filed his nomination for this year’s awards. Speaking to Mr. Handsome on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, George Quaye, said Shatta Wale, filed his nominations just like any other artiste did. The board is going to work on all the nominations, and announce to the public the final outcome,''he added. He indicated that, Ghanaians would know whether the controversial artiste who recently signed onto Zylofon Music, would make it onto the list of nominees. The organisers have made some changes in the category definitions for the 2018 edition of the awards. One of these is the change in name and voting pattern for the Most Popular Song of the Year category. That category is now known as ‘Song of the Year.’ The 100 percent voting for the category has been scrapped. The previous definition states: “the Most Popular Song of the Year is the songs adjudged 100% by the General Public as the most popular song released in the year under review, irrespective of genre. The song must have enjoyed a lot of patronage and generated the most excitement during the year.” However, in the new definition, the Board has 30% voting power, the Academy 30% and the remainder 40% is reserved for the general public. The 2018 VGMAs is scheduled for 14th April, 2018 at the Accra International Conference Centre.
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Ghana's sensational R&B artiste Eric Turkson aka Ded Buddy, has said he will not sign onto Zylofon Media because he is not ready. The New York based artiste said, ''Ded Buddy is not ready to sign yet because I am not ready for signing.’’ He was responding to a question posed to him on GH Entertainment on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm. He said it ‘’is a laudable idea but I am ready to sign onto any record label. He revealed on the show that, he was approached by different record labels abroad but declined because he feels he has not marketed himself to his fans well. ‘’The fans need me more. I need to let them know the man behind the music.’’ According to him, he’s gone into hibernation for a long time and coming back into the scene, requires that, he builds a strong fan base. Zylofon Media is a multimedia entertainment company established to supply profitable, acceptable, audio and visual entertainment to diverse domestic and international consumers. The Zylofon record label, has signed onto their firm, artistes including self acclaimed dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale, Stonebwoy, Becca, Kumi Guitar, Joyce Blessing, Obibini who were signed on the record label last year.
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New York-based Ghanaian Afro-pop and R&B star, Ded Buddy aka Qweci, says he’s been questioning God over the sudden demise of the late Ebony Reigns. Speaking in an exclusive interview with Kwesi Dadzie aka Mr. Handsome, on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, he said Ebony was so pure and so I will not lie to you. I have been questioning God why he allowed her to die at a tender age. He described his relationship with Ebony as very close and lambasted those who bashed her when she was alive. Ded Buddy said there was nothing fake about that girl. She was so pure and the love she showed me was so amazing, he added. The artiste asked, ‘’why her? Why should she be the one to die in this manner? ''Ebony was a good person, she was not fake. She was loved everybody. The relationship between us was very deep. And i took the opportunity to correct those who were bashing her,'' he noted. According to a report from the Ghana Police Service, Ebony, and the two others in the Jeep, lost their lives after their car collided with an oncoming VIP bus, as their driver tried to avoid a heap of sand in their lane. The police said the sand was meant for the maintenance of the road. Whereas the occupants of the bus escaped unhurt, the Police in their report said only the driver of the Jeep whose names was given as Chartey Oko Pinehad, aged 29, survived the accident, and was receiving treatment at the Bechem hospital.
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The President of the Republic, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, says no headmaster or headmistress of any Senior High School in the country is to charge any unapproved or illegal fees, or charge fees already exempted under the Free SHS policy. According to President Akufo-Addo, he knows there are a handful of reactionary elements in the country who are determined to undermine the Free SHS policy. He recounted how Government, together with the Ghana Education Service and the Council and the Conference of Heads of Assisted Secondary Schools, has agreed to absorb all senior high school fees under the Free SHS policy. “No headmaster or headmistress, therefore, is to charge any unapproved or illegal fees, or charging fees already exempted under the free SHS policy. Government will make sure of this, and sanction any school head who flouts this directive,” he said. The President continued, “We have a sacred duty to our children, and to the generations beyond, in ensuring that, irrespective of their circumstances, their right to an education is preserved.” President Akufo-Addo made this known on Saturday, 17th February, 2018, when he attended the 60th anniversary celebration of Pope John Senior High School and Minor Seminary, in Koforidua, in the Eastern Region. Addressing a gathering of staff, students and alumni of the school, the President indicated that a government may not be able to make every citizen rich, but with political will and responsible leadership, a government can help create a society of opportunities and empowerment for every citizen. “I know no better way to do so but through access to education. Any country, that aims to transform itself into a modern productive player in the global marketplace, must get its educational policies right,” the President said. He noted that citizens can only make informed choices, if they are empowered with the capacity to make those choices. Education, he added, is a key to human development, transforming a country, widening life’s options for individuals and society as a whole, and is a tool for the development of the nation and of a healthy democracy. It is for this reason, the President stressed, that on 12th September, 2017, he launched the Free Senior High School policy. “It is public knowledge now that, prior to the launch of the Free SHS policy, our children were falling out of the educational system at every stage in alarming numbers. Free SHS has enabled 90,000 more students gain access to Senior High School education in 2017, than in 2016,” the President indicated. Without the implementation of this policy, he explained that the spectre of 90,000 young men and women, without any employable skills, and thrown onto the streets, would have further entrenched a future of hopelessness for Ghana’s youth. Addressing the teething challenges confronting the Free SHS policy, the President told the gathering that procurement processes are currently on-going for the award of contracts for the provision of some 69,500 mono desks, 13,100 bunk beds, furniture for dining halls, staff rooms of teachers, computer laboratories, and the provision of marker boards for classrooms. “Again, funding has been secured for the expansion and upgrading of facilities in 75 Senior High Schools across the country, with construction works on the existing Community Day Schools ongoing. Government, beginning this year, will also upgrade 42 Senior High Schools into model school status,” he said.
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A court in Pakistan has given a 24-year-old man, Imran Ali, four death sentences for raping and murdering a six-year old girl last month. Zainab Ansari's body was found in a rubbish dump in the city of Kasur, south of Lahore, on 9 January. Her murder triggered outrage across the country, including riots against alleged police incompetence in which two protesters died. The victim's father was in court to hear the verdict, amid heavy security. Zainab's killer has also been linked by police and the chief minister of Punjab province to the murders and assaults of other girls in the area. Ali's alleged crimes stretch back at least a year and angry residents say authorities should have been quicker to identify him as the perpetrator. Ali will be tried over the rest of the cases later, government prosecutor Ehtisham Qadir Shah told Reuters news agency. Dozens of witnesses testified against Ali in the trial, where forensic evidence including DNA and polygraph tests was also presented. His lawyer had withdrawn from the case after Ali confessed, reports say. Ali was handed death sentences for kidnapping, rape, murder and an act of terrorism, a life sentence for sodomy and a large fine. He now has a 15-day window in which he may appeal against the verdict. Police were under huge pressure to find who killed Zainab and the other children. Zainab's family say the police did not take action during the five days from when she was reported missing and her body was found. Relatives recovered CCTV footage of her last movements. The video, which showed a girl being led away by a man, was circulated widely on social media. Ali, who lived near Zainab, was arrested by police on 23 January. Source:BBC
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University of Ghana Law Professor Raymond Atuguba has been lambasted by some Supreme Court judges for his latest research work on rulings by the apex court from the year 1992. Presenting his findings at the 2018 Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) Law Conference in Accra on Thursday, 15 February 2018, Prof Atuguba explained that the research was based on hundred political cases in Ghana adding "it is not a coincidence". “Judges were voting less according to who appointed them at the beginning of the Fourth republic in 1993. A number of reasons accounted for that. First, we had a new constitution and some of the cases were very clear. So a lot of them will give unanimous judgments, so whether you were appointed by an NDC government or NPP government, you joined the unanimous decision in saying that this provision of this law is contrary to the constitution. Then in the middle, somehow the Supreme Court lost its way after the first years and the judgments started becoming clearly on the lines of party appointments," he explained. He continued: "Overall, the data reveals that 14 out of 22 NDC (National Democratic Congress) appointees, making up 64 percent of the party’s appointees to the Supreme Court have given judgments in favour of the NDC. The NPP (New Patriotic Party) was more successful with 13 of their 16 judges giving a majority judgment in their favour, so 81 percent consistency". However, his findings angered some Supreme Court judges who were present including the Chief Justice Sophia Akuffo. According to the Chief Justice, “under the constitution, a judge will be appointed during somebody’s time… and that somebody will belong to one party or the other.” The decisions taken after such appointments by the judges, she said, were subject to any political interpretation by anyone. “But so long as it is in line with the law and it is sound and follows the facts,” the Chief Justice. She cautioned the professor against comparing foreign judicial systems to Ghana’s, saying “be careful what you’re importing into our environment, they are used to that, we are not.” Meanwhile, the law professor has welcomed the lambast saying anytime critical analyses are conducted, they meet opposition from interest groups who may not be pleased with the findings. the negative reaction from the judiciary is not new to Prof Atuguba, saying "words are just nothing to me". "The first time I did a critical analysis of the police the next morning eight fully armed officers were dispatched by the IGP to arrest me from my office," he said. "What should we do with these analyses? Should we stop doing them, should we have another way of funnelling it to the public, what should we do?" he asked. "I will never insult anyone, not to talk of the judges, I am engaged in a critical analysis of our political institutions [and] critical analysis always meets opposition," he added.
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