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Rainbow Radio - Items filtered by date: Monday, 06 August 2018
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Agyarko Sacked as Energy Minister

President Nana Akufo-Addo has sacked Mr Boakye Agyarko as Energy Minister, a statement signed by Eugene Arhin, Director of Communications at the presidency has said. The Lands and Natural Resources Minister, John Peter Amewu will be acting as minister until a new person is appointed. Although reasons were not assigned, the dismissal has been linked to the controversial renegotiated AMERI deal which was given presidential approval through an executive instrument. It later turned out that the president was misled. "President Akufo-Addo has asked Mr Boakye Agyarko to hand over his office to the Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, Mr John Peter Amewu, who will act temporarily as Minister of Energy, until a substantive appointment is made," the statement said. "The President wishes Mr Boakye Agyarko well in his future endeavours," the statement added.
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A 26 year-old boy, Isaac Nkansah, a resident at Yakrakrom in the Western region, has allegedly raped his biological sister after he reportedly took tramadol. Nyankonton Mu Nsem’s Odeshieba Kwadwo Owusu said the suspect pounced on the sister and allegedly abused her sexually in her sleep. Narrating the incident, the reporter indicated that, Isaac Nkansah, came home from town and found the sister deeply asleep. The suspect took advantage of the situation and had sex with the victim, he reported. The victim is said to have attempted suicide by poising herself with DDT but a good samaritan who chanced upon her foiled the attempt. The incident that occurred yesterday [Sunday] evening he said left the victim traumatised. When confronted by the family, Isaac Nkansah, said he was high on tramadol when the incident occurred and has appealed for forgiveness and promised not to repeat the act again. The family is yet to officially report the incident to the police, a situation some residents have described as shocking.
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The Chairman of Domaa Poultry Farmers Association, Mr. Adjei Kusi has clarified deliberations on the increment in the prices of eggs. He stated that the prices of eggs have seen a slight increment to safeguard the poultry business. There is shortage of maize to feed our fowls and this has reduced egg production, he lamented. However, he said that the increment is flexible enough such that all can patronize them. He also said that the drastic increase in the price of maize is unprecedented in the poultry business. “We do not get feed for these poultry to produce more eggs. Poultry business is collapsing that is why there has been a slight increment”, he emphasized. Since eggs are perishable goods, they cannot hoard them to sell at high prices. Instead, majority of these farmers sell their poultry fowls and buy new poultry when the prices of maize reduce. The prices of maize have increased tremendously. “We are coping with the situation to safeguard the poultry business. In the fear of running into huge losses, we normally sell these eggs at rather cheap prices. This problem has been affecting poultry farmers here for some time now”, he added. He further added that due to shortage of maize in the country, they have resorted to the import of maize from Cote Ivoire . “If we would have to wait for maize to be in season in Ghana, these fowls would all die and there would be no eggs for sale. We will reduce the prices of eggs if the prices of maize reduce, he stressed. He further pleaded with government to come to their aid to help them curb this menace. By: Priscilla Obeng Asantewaa (Intern, Rainbow Radio)
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A leading campaign team member of Professor Joshua Alabi, an aspring presidential candidate who is seeking to represent the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) in 2020, lawyer Kojoga Adawudu, has asked former president John Dramani Mahama to rescind any decision to contest the slot. He wants the former president to rather join the Council of Elders in the party and allow a new face with a new message, hope and leadership to represent the party IN 2020. According to him, the Professor Alabi team is not sacred of the Mahama factor rather, they will give the due respect him adding, ‘’but we are going to a competition.’’ In his view, Mr Mahama has done his best but ‘’some of us think that it is time for him to take a rest. It is time for him to move to the Council of Elders and we will accord him that respect.’’ He called on Mr Mahama to consider the call and join the council so he will sit and preside as a former president so when there are issues, he will bring his experience to bear. And also hold a new candidate and say this is the person we want him to lead.’’ In his view, Mr Mahama has seen it all. He’s been an assemblyman, he’s been a member of parliament, he’s been a deputy minister, a minister, and he’s been a vice president and a president. He stressed the need for the former president who has received massive endorsement from some 94 Minority MPs to allow the party rebrand itself, have a new message, rejuvenate and the party is the one that benefits more. ‘’So we are looking at the long term,’’ he said. A win for Mahama in 2020 would mean that, the party would have to come back and go through a whole new process. The NDC he added wants to take power from the NPP. ''That is our main agenda because they have failed the nation. They’ve failed us. Nana Addo tried it for three times and so people felt he had all the plans and had all it takes but nothing has happened.’’ He was speaking to rainbowradioonline.com after he presented Professor Alabi’s letter expressing his intention to contest the race as directed by the party’s General Secretary, Johnson Asiedu Nketiah, to all interested individuals who have expressed interest in the slot as presidential candidate.
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The morning show on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, Frontline took a new twist Monday morning after host of the show; Kwame Tutu gave opportunity to some junior high school graduates from Glorious Child School Limited to express their views on governance and politics in Ghana. The political views held by these minors ranged from politics of inclusion, the double-track system, governance and child related policies. Representing the pupils and graduates, Sephora Naa Korshie Lamptey and Ebenezer Okoe Ayittey expressed their varied views on how the current administration and government in the future can help manage the country. Sephora Naa Korshie Lamptey touching on inclusive governance underscored the need for politicians in opposition to focus on solutions instead of praying for the failure of the government. The pull him down syndrome she lamented does not only affect the government but Ghanaians in general. Sephora told the host she follows what goes in the country through the media especially the stories on politics and governance. When asked the latest issue she has followed and generated interest, she mentioned the latest idiomatic expression used by President Akufo-Addo when he reacted to corruption tag on him and his family. Speaking at a recent event organized by Auditors in the sub-region, the president said: “I’m aware that you give a dog a bad name in order to hang it but this dog [reference to himself] will not be hanged.’’ Reacting to it, the 15 year-old said; ‘’we [voters] went to the polling station to vote for the president and so we should work hand in hand with the president to achieve the goals he has for us and not to sit back and be pointing fingers at [the] wrong mistakes he had made.’’ ‘’We are imperfect human beings and we are bound to make mistakes but from the mistakes, we learn the new way to go…We should help one another and help the country move forward so we have a better place.’’ She also opined that, not every promise by politicians would see the light of day. She however, advised politicians to be circumspective and desist from making promises they know they would be unable to fulfill. On his part, Okoe Ayittey expressed his disgust at the number of ambulances serving the over 28 million Ghanaians and added that, ‘’the Ghana Beyond Aid’’ cannot be possible with the number of ambulances serving Ghanaians. He could not understand why Ghanaians will pay taxes and yet, our leaders are unable to serve Ghanaians by purchasing more ambulances. He also lamented the views of children are not taken when policies are being formulated. Touching on the double-track system, he said, the new policy would not be beneficial to students. He also touched on the role of the media and how important its work is shaping society. To him, the media represents an organization that speaks to people who are the shakers and movers of society. The 15 year-old JHS graduate who is an aspiring media personnel, believes the media would have to play its watchdog role effectively to ensure a better society. Their headmaster of the School, Edem Kojo Opare accompanied the pupils and graduates in the company of other teachers.
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The winner of the 2018 edition of Homowo Table Tennis Championship, Eva Adom Amankwaa has shared her challenges as far as the tennis championship, which took place on 4th August 2018, is concerned. Speaking to Rainbow Radio’s Worlanyo Wallace, she admitted that ahead of this year’s table tennis championship, she had no hope of emerging as the winner because she had not prepared adequately enough. “I was unable to meet my expectations as far as training for the tournament is concerned”, she explained. During the tournament she said that her greatest challenge was one of her competitors, Hilda Botha. She explained that, Hilda gave her undue pressure which instilled in her some form of humility towards the subsequent rounds with the rest of the competitors. When asked the preparations she had made towards the upcoming league she said that her success during the Homowo Championship has rather put her on her toes to intensify her training towards the league. “ I need not to be pressurized. The fact that I have emerged winner would bring opponents my way. I would just have to work hard. I will ensure to win all my matches during the league. Winning the Homowo Table Tennis Championship does not mean I should relax, I need to step up my game”, she stressed. By: Priscilla Obeng Asantewaa (Intern, Rainbow Radio)
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The Chamber of Petroleum Consumers (COPEC) Ghana is demanding the dismissal and prosecution of Energy Minister Boakye Agyarko over the failed Ameri novation agreement. This was contained a statement issued by COPEC. COPEC is demanding answers to 8 crtical questions they have raised with regards to the AMERI dal. “We therefore call upon the president to urgently fire or sack the Energy minister and it’s communicators and prosecute them,” the statement signed by Sampson Addae said. AMERI Energy has refuted claims it was informed about the renegotiated deal. But the Energy Ministry is insisting the company was informed. They have since asked government to desist from any attempt to award the deal to another company. The president is also said to have been misinformed over the deal. Read the full statement below Mr President, sack the Energy Minister. The defense by the energy Ministry and it’s communicators for the Ameri novation agreement leaves well-meaning Ghanaians shocked as more fundamental questions spring forth and beg for answers. Pertinent among these mind boggling questions begging for answers are as follows: 1. Why will any individual prepare a novation amendment agreement to buy out Ameri Energy and hand it to a third party 2. What prompted the said individual to prepare such document and present it to the president? 3. Has the said individual ever succeeded in presenting a scandalized document to the president and it went through. 4. How did the said individual arrive at choosing Mytilineos International Trading Company and not any other company? 5. Why has the country defaulted in outstanding payment of 82,660,560.00 of which Ameri is ready to take a legal action against the state. 6. Could it also be said that the president was also misled into believing the lies on contaminated fuel saga when the evidence was clear. • You’ve been embarrassed; sack those who misled you – Akufo-Addo told 7. Again could it also be said that the president was also misled into believing the 1.8 million barrels of crude which the country lost about $5.6 million when it was sold? 8. Was the president misled to sack the board of Ghana cylinder manufacturing company (GCMC) against the CEO? The said individual can continue to mislead the president but cannot mislead COPEC to do their corrupt activities. We will also fight for the consumers by ensuring value for money auditing and expose corrupt officials. We therefore call upon the president to urgently fire or sack the Energy minister and it’s communicators and prosecute them. Signed Sampson Addae (Research, pricing and monitoring) 0247761830
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The PRO of the National Sports Authority, Charles Amofa has given clarifications on the reasons why this year’s National Sports Festival was postponed to a later date. He explained saying that there were some challenges, which did not permit the occurrence of this year’s edition of the National Sports Festival. The PRO also added that this year’s edition was halted to allow management to make a very good selection and preparation for the All African Games Championship next year in Morocco. “We want to put structures in place to organize a very successful event. We want to take our time to raise a standing team to get a very good selection for the championship”, he emphasized. He also stated that there were clashes with the timing of the National Sports Festival and other schedules of the players. They informed management’s decision to reschedule National Sports Festival to a later date. “The children have another game during the same time the National Sports Festival was scheduled. We can’t have two games at the same time”, he stressed. To have ample time to plan a very good program, the Chairman of the National Planning Committee, Prof. Pufah has also supported this course. “We have to pay a visit to Cape to ensure that all preparations have been made. We do not want what happened in Kumasi to repeat itself. We are looking at 12 disciplines this year namely, basketball, volleyball, Taekwondo, Boxing, Table tennis, wheelchair basketball. We want to give athletes and officials maximum comfort in terms of accommodation and food, good training sessions and matches. These are the reasons why we want to take our time to have a very good program”, the PRO ended. By: Priscilla Obeng Asantewaa (Intern, Rainbow Radio)
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Former Vice Chancellor of the University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA), Professor Joshua Alabi has officially notified the party of his intention to contest as presidential candidate for the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC). The trained economist was represented by leading members of his campaign team including private legal practitioner, lawyer Victor Kojoga Adawudu, Member of Parliament for Keta constituency, Richard Mawuli Quashigah among others. The legal practitioner presented the letter on behalf of the aspirant. Administrator of the party, Mr Emmanuel S. Zumakpeh received the letter on behalf of the party. The content of the letter read: ‘’reference to your press conference held on Thursday 2nd August, 2018, which announced the opening of campaign activities towards the presidential primaries, I [Professor Alabi] write to serve notice of my intention to contest as flagbearer, when nominations are opened. ‘’My team and I wish to thank the leadership of our great party for this progressive and timely initiative, which we believe would add to the activation of our party at the grassroots and prepare us adequately to wrestle and win power in the 2020 elections. I wish to reiterate my commitment to the process of deepening the democratic credentials and unity of our party through my participation in this contest,’’ the letter said. The administrator after receiving the letter admonished the aspirant and all others to be decorous in their campaigns. He thanked the aspirant for presenting the letter to the Functional Executive Committee (FEC) as directed by General Secretary, Johnson Asiedu Nketiah. He commended Professor Alabi for his commitment towards a clean and decorous campaign, adding, ‘’at the end of the day, you will need everybody. Whoever wins will need everybody to campaign for them…we wish your language will be civil and very decorous.’’ He also directed the campaign team to notify the party whenever they want to embark on a campaign so the leadership will circulate the information to the various structures. Speaking to the media after presenting the letter, lawyer Adawudu said, the economist is hopeful of winning the primaries and will win the 2020 election and wrestle power from the incompetent NPP. The internal contest is about contest of ideas and Professor Alabi believes we need a new face, a new message and new hope in a new leader.’’ Ghanaians he added are looking for a leader who will bring the transformational change they desire for. ‘’Ghanaians thought the NPP could do better but you could see the abysmal performance.’’ When asked if the aspirant would campaign on the legacies of former President John Dramani he said, ‘’we are going to campaign on the legacies of the NDC; the NDC from the late Professor Mills right to John Dramani Mahama. These are all legacies of the NDC…We the members of NDC elected John Dramani Mahama and he did it for and on behalf of the party.’’ ‘’His Excellency John Mahama has done his best but some us think that it is time for him to take a rest, it is time for him to move to Council of Elders and we would accord him that respect,’’ he said. Meanwhile, he has promised that Professor Alabi will support any other candidate in the unlikely event that he dos not win. Prof. Alabi is an Economist by training and a Marketer by Profession. He is an Associate Professor in Marketing and a graduate of two Institutions – MSc. in Industrial Economics, 1986 from Moscow Institute of National Economy , Plekhanov now Russian Economics University and an MSc in International Marketing from the Strathclyde University, Glasgow (1992) where he obtained the Mushod Abiola Prize in International Marketing . He is also a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), Ghana, a Fellow of the Ghana Institute of Taxation and a Fellow of the Institute of Bankers, Ghana. In the field of sports, Prof Alabi was the General Secretary for the Ghana League Clubs Association (GHALCA) from March 1994 – April 1997, a Member of the Ghana Football Association’s Management Board (GFA), and Coordinator, Ghana Black Stars Management Committee from August 1994 – April 1997. Prof Alabi has managed countless number of international and national projects successfully and is the founder and Board Chair of the Consumer Advocacy Center (CAC), Ghana; a Full Member of the
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Tax expert, Mr Cudjoe Akpabey, has rejected views for offerings and tithes to be taxed by government. The tax expert in an interview said taxing tithes and offerings would amount to double taxation. The members of churches who pay tithes have already paid taxes on the monies they have paid hence taxing them would be unacceptable. ‘’However, any church that does business; some are running bookstores, some are running commercials businesses; those ones are making sales. Those ones could be taxed,’’ he added. Some of the churches he lamented are ‘’making big time money more than businesses and banks. So go to them and find out the businesses they are doing so you can tax them.’’ Mr Akpabey challenged parliament to change the tax laws to ensure churches are taxed because one-man churches in the country are making money more than businesses. ‘’There are loopholes. Lets look at the loopholes and let the parliament of Ghana enact laws or amend our existing laws to ensure that churches running businesses will pay taxes. Some of them are not churches, they are business empires,’’ he stated.
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