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Nov 16, 2018
Officers of the  Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) have poured out their frustration at the commissioning of the new Naval Headquarters here in Accra. The officers during an open forum with the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces and President of the Republic of Ghana, President Mahama among other things, appealed to the president to re-look into their end of service benefits and pension. They charged the President to also take steps to improve upon their risk allowances. President Mahama who was at the event to commission the Naval Headquarters assured the soldiers of prompt payment of allowances which has been a source of concern in the army. President John Mahama touched on a number of infrastructural and logistical developments in the Armed Forces including 3 new troop transport carriers for the Air Force. He assured the officers that government would do all it could to address all the concerns raised.  
Nov 16, 2018
The Chief Justice of Ghana, Georgina Theodora Wood, has sworn-in 19 new judges and magistrates. The new judges and magistrates were elevated to the bench with a call on them to handle the administration of justice decently and responsibly. The Chief Justice, Theodora Wood administering the oath of allegiance, the judicial oath and the oath of secrecy, cautioned the newly appointed judges against giving the Judicial Council the unpleasant duty of applying the ultimate sanction. According to her, the appointment of the judges was not a gift, but that their recruitment had been transparent, competitive and fairly done, for which reason they must be motivated to achieve the highest level of excellence in their careers. Among the list are 12 Circuit Court Judges and seven Magistrates.   Also speaking at the event was the Attorney General (A-G), Marrietta Brew Oppong said, judges must accord court users the necessary respect due them.  “You must thus demonstrate the due courtesy and civility due lawyers, litigants, court officials, witnesses, the general public, Police, law students, journalists, as well as other court users. You thus must be firm but fair, stern but not harsh and kind but not doting to the affections of bewildered users of the court who are sometimes lost in the labyrinth of legal rules jargons, processes and procedures in which a few lawyers and judges get lost themselves.”   
Nov 16, 2018
Chairman of the Government and Hospital Pharmacists Association, (GHOSPA) says they have intended to declare a nationwide strike. The decision to embark on the strike is due to government failure to migrate them onto the Single Spine Pay Policy. Since the migration of the pharmacists onto the single spine salary structure, issues on the grading structure are yet to be determined. Speaking in an interview with Nyankonton Mu Nsem, Chairman of GHOSPA Mr. Agyemang Badu said they still have some engagement to do before they finally decide on the strike but at the moment they have not decided yet. Adding that, it is their intention to go on strike but will come out at the appropriate time when they are done with their meetings. Last year, a road map was agreed on between a cabinet subcommittee and GHOSPA to help resolve the issues. But till date the Finance Ministry is yet to implement the road map.
Nov 16, 2018
The former NPP Chairman for the Ayawaso West Wougon constituency Michael Omari Wadie has called the bluff of the Concerned Teachers and Youth for Ghana, a group calling for his immediate arrest over alleged threats on President Mahama's life.   The outspoken politician has been widely lambasted over his comments which critics say, is a threat on the life of the first gentleman of the land, President Mahama.   Michael Omari Wadie in an interview with Rainbow Radio 87.5FM Eboboba political show host said, ''If President Mahama dares evokes his prerogative of mercy, what happened to the late Mills will happen to him. He should not dare pardon the trio, but if he thinks he is man and understands the law, he should go ahead and pardon them. If he releases them, by the next election, he will not be the president...I'm telling you that, if he dares, he will not be the president.''    His comment was in relation to the petition calling on President Mahama to pardon the Montie trio.   The  Concerned Teachers and Youth  in their statement said, “We see this defamatory statement from him to be tantamount to a threat and a possible plot from the camp of Omari Wadie to assassinate the president.”   The statement added, “Mr. Wadie must be arrested to explain what he meant by "what happened to Mills will happen to Mahama” because what happened to Mills in blessed memory in 2012 was that he passed on.   “We don't want to believe that Omari Wadie is bigger than the laws of the land, we are therefore calling for his immediate arrest and be dealt with according to the provisions of the law.”   But responding the call for his arrest, Michael Omari Wadie said his comments were misconstrued since he never threatened the life of the president as his critics are claiming.   Speaking in an interview with Kwame Tutu on Frontline, he said, he was only referring to the laws of Ghana and did not threaten President Mahama.   According to him, the President has sworn to uphold the Constitution of Ghana, and by pardoning the trio, he will be subjecting the judiciary to ridicule and undermine their authority.   ''I did not threaten President Mahama, rather i said, if President Mahama pardons the trio, then he would have broken his oath of office, which he sworn to protect and preserve. As a matter of fact, the Presidential Oath he sworn says, I shall at all times protect the constitution of Ghana and suffer the penalty for it. And so if you have sworn this oath and abuse the power to undermine another arm of government, then you would have to suffer the penalty for it.''   Michael Omari Wadie noted that, his statement should not be taken out of contest and questioned whether the critics want to infer that, the late Mills was assassinated.   He described the call by the group as much i do about nothing, since he has done nothing wrong.   However, Enoch Gomashie a leading member of the group still maintained the position of the group stating that, the politician should be arrested and interrogated.   The explanation given by the former NPP leader, he insisted is unfortunate and should be condemned by every citizen.''In what capacity is he daring the President? Omari Wadie goofed big time, and we expect him to apologise for his unfortunate comment.''    Meanwhile, Mr. Omari Wadie mocked the group and questioned if they are indeed teachers.
Nov 16, 2018
Government increased allowance for peace-keeping by $1 bringing the total allowance to $31 per day. This was revealed by President John Mahama when he commissioned the Naval headquarters. He assured the soldiers of prompt payment of allowances which has been a source of concern in the army. President Mahama said, “Since late JEA Mills increased the rate [in 2009] there has been no increment….we have decided to increase by $1 a day, the rate that is paid to peace-keeping soldiers.” The president’s announcement was met with applause at a durbar organized by the Armed Forces. He indicated that these are better than when his government took over in 2008. The President said, the ships were old and not sea worthy while the Air Force had difficulty with getting platforms to fly. In the Army, there was a shortage of vehicle troop carriers. The Armed Forces was in “a very poor state” logistically after government took over power in 2009. But, “things are much better than it was when we met it. ” He added, “A lot of progress has been made in re-tooling the service since 2009” he stated.  He  highlighted  on a number of infrastructural and logistical developments in the Armed Forces including 3 new troop transport carriers for the Air Force. “One is currently serving in Mali with the United Nations, two are available domestically. Government has also procured four new MH17 helicopters and four new Z9 helicopters for the Air Forces and six new vessels for navy. He also bemoaned the rate at which people are encroaching military lands and said government is engaging private institutions to help wall all military lands. “We have started with Burma camp already...you could see that the walls are coming up” he said.
Nov 16, 2018
Editor-In-Chief of the Informer Newspaper, Andy Kankam has dared controversial Member of Parliament (MP) for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong to strip the first female Commissioner of the Electoral Commission (EC), Mrs. Charlotte Osei naked liked he promised. The outspoken politician after he was criticised over his sexist comments against the EC chair said, he was incensed about the barrage of attacks on him, rather threatened to strip the chair naked if he was dared. “The woman’s posture and attitude is enough to let people know who she is. If you like dare me and I will you show why Charlotte Osei is doing that” Kennedy Agyapong said. However, after two months of making the comment, the firebrand politician says his sex for job insult against the EC woman was a joke. Kennedy Agyapong explained on Adom FM’s morning Show ‘Dwaso Nsem’ the comments were blown out of proportion especially by the media which took his light-hearted comments out of context. But responding to the claims by Kennedy Agyapong,  Andy Kankam says it is intriguing for the NPP MP to say his comment was a joke. ''Is it not the same man who said no one should dare him?.That there is an evidence to prove what he has described as joke today? Well I'm using your platform to dare him to provide the proof. On behalf of discerning Ghanaians, I'm daring him to provide his proof. He does not know what he is talking about. How can you make claims that, your comments were blown out of proportion especially by the media?'' Andy Kankam said the MP should not be allowed to escape from his attack on the EC boss, and has charged the Mrs. Osei to seek legal action against him, Kennedy. He described the MP as someone known for using abusive language and attacking people including his own party members. Kennedy Agyapong he opined cannot go free for attacking the integrity of the first female chair and has called on Ghanaians to ignore his joke comment. The editor added, the MP cannot also determine the editorial policy of the media except his own station. In his view, the legislator would have been sacked from office in other jurisdiction. He went on to admonish voters' to vote for candidates who are decent, disciplined and with high sense of dignity and integrity. Andy Kankam concluded that, the MP had no proof when he made the comments, and ''so based on that premise, he should be dragged before the court to proof otherwise.''
Nov 16, 2018
A mobile money agent at Langbinsi at the east mamprusi district of the northern region was yesterday robbed at gun point by an unknown robbers of an amount said be over 3,000 Ghana cedis and all credits worth 2,000 Ghana cedis at his disposal. At least two  people have sustained various levels of injury that resulted from the gunshots by the robbers. Rainbow Radio's Prince Kwame Tamakloe's visit to the community has gathered that, the incident which occurred around 4pm on Wednesday evening has left all mobile money merchants and other business people in a state of fear in the area. In a related development, the police in the area have commenced investigations into the matter and has promised to bring to book the perpetrators.  Meanwhile the two injured people are receiving treatment at the Nalerigu district hospital. By: Prince Kwame Tamakloe
Nov 16, 2018
As this year's election draws nigh, a lot of research works will be release with each one of them predicting various percentages of victory margins for the various political parties and flag bearers. Most often when a research work favours a particular party, that party hails the individual/institution that undertook the research/survey and the outcome nut when it's against that particular party, the opposite is the case. Nyankonton Mu Nsem sought expert opinion on how research results should  be treated in Ghana. Mr. Solomon Kwao Kume, Senior Research Officer, Oil and Gas at Ghana Institute of Governance and Security tells us that, for a research work to be taken seriously, it must be backed by proper documents, references and views from experts. When asked how we should treat the numerous research/surveys coming out about who will win this year's election he said the credibility of the individual/institution must be looked at. He was also asked why most often the reason work favours particular party, that party hails the individual/institution that undertook the research/survey and the outcome but when it's against that particular party, the opposite is the case. And his answer was that, the black man hates the truth.,  
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