Let us legalise the commercialisation of Okada-Peace Watch Ghana

The Motor Traffic and Transport Department (MMTD) has consistently stated that the use of motorcycles for commercial purposes is a crime punishable by law.

Ghanaians have also been advised to desist from patronising the services of Okada riders since the bikes posed grave danger.

However, the President of Peace Watch Ghana, Diana Nyonkopa Daniels, is advocating for the commercialisation of Okada.

In her view, the move would help create more jobs and prevent criminal activities.

She said, although the law frowns on the use of Okada for commercial purposes, some police officers that are paid with taxpayers’ money, have purchased motorbikes and given it out to people to use them for commercial purposes. on their behalf.

Madam Diana Daniels was reacting to the attacks meted out on civilians by police officers and the recent attack on a police officer by a driver and his mate.

She noted in an interview with Kwabena Agyapong on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm that, some police officers have resulted to the use of force and intimidation and extortion of money from Okada riders, a situation she said was bad and contributing to indiscipline on our roads.

Okada riders in Accra have raised concern about persistent attacks from some personnel of the Ghana Police Service.

According to them,  the rate of extortion from some police officers despite providing valid documents such as licence, insurance and protective materials upon request, is not only disturbing but disgusting.

Madam Daniels expressed her displeasure at the activities by some bad nuts in the service who are abusing the rights of drivers on our roads and has therefore underscored the need for the police to put in measures to address the unprofessional conduct of their men.



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