Martin Amidu has failed Ghanaians-Lawyer Ampaw

Private legal practitioner, lawyer Maurice Ampaw has expressed disappointment in the Special Prosecutor over what he terms as an abysmal performance.

The lawyer who was one of the personalities who championed the appointment of Martin Amidu as Special Prosecutor says he feels Mr. Amidu has lost his steam in the fight against corruption.

Speaking to Kwabena Agyapong on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, the lawyer said since his appointment, Martin Amidu has changed.

He believes the appointment and the benefits that came with it has affected his performance and the desire for the right to be done.

He was also of the view that Martin Amidu has no excuse to work efficiently because when he was a campaigner against corruption, he did everything single-handedly but after he was appointed and given the needed resources by the state, he has failed woefully.

“Martin Amidu does not have any excuse. He has enough to make him work efficiently. I believe anyone who complains is incompetent. He has failed and disappointed Ghanaians. He should have done something in the face of the challenges in order for Ghanaians to push the government to give him the needed support.”

He is also claiming that Martin Amidu failed to come into office with a game plan to help him fight the opposition that came along with his appointment form both the opposition parties and the ruling government.

He said persons in government and from the opposition planned to frustrate the special prosecutor but Amidu failed to put in measures to fight off the opposition.

“Martin Amidu should have known that he was not going to have it easy. He should have known that his office was not an easy one. He should have also realized there were going to be people from within government and the opposition who would stand in his way” he said.

He further took his gun on Madam Linda Kwarfo, the Board Chairman for the Special Prosecutor’s Office.

Lawyer Ampaw said the woman has also failed.

He wondered why Madam Kwarfo has failed to bring to bear her zeal in the fight against corruption after her appointment with reference to her numerous campaigns she led at the Ghana Integrity Initiative (GII).

“Madam Kwarfo has shocked me. She was moving from one station to the other in the name of fighting and campaigning against corruption but she has failed woefully after she was appointed to work as the board chair, ” he said.

Lawyer Ampaw has, therefore, challenged Mr. Amidu and his team to stop complaining and work.

“They should stop wailing and work. Only incompetent people complain about their work.”

He concluded by stressing that the office of the Special Prosecutor has political implications because it was a campaign promise by President Akufo-Addo and should the appointee fail to deliver, it will surely go against the ruling party.

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