MDC to introduce special stamps for members

Doctors will from June this year work with a unique self-inking stamp to ensure that their services are traceable within the health service, the Medical and Dental Council (MDC) has announced.

The MDC says the stamp will have features such as the name of a practitioner, designation, MDC registration number, facility name, signature and date.

Registrar of MDC Dr. E.K. Attikpui announced this at a stakeholders meeting organised by the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) to discuss issues that would make the country’s premier insurance policy efficient and sustainable.


The stamp he explained would provide an indelible documentation by linking a practitioner to every medical record/report that the practitioner generates in the course of his or her practice and facilitates clinical audits in order to weed out unregistered, unqualified and fake practitioners.


He said the stamp would cover all practitioners registered and licensed by the Medical and Dental Council to improve quality, safety of care and polypharmacy (the concurrent use of multiple medications by a patient.)



“The number of medical doctors, dental surgeons, physician assistants and certified registered anaesthetists in the country has increased significantly in the last decade and resources available to the Medical and Dental Council to track their practice at all levels are becoming a challenge. The quality of care could be compromised.’’




The MDC would apply sanctions against unlicensed persons when the stamp is implemented.


He added that it would be the responsibility of the council to design, develop and produce the stamps, keep a register and also cater for replacing all lost, defaced and damaged stamps, it would be the duty of the practitioners to keep the stamp safe and prevent unauthorised access to it.



Health facilities he explained would request for the stamps from the council and distribute them, ensure the proper usage of the stamps, report in writing to the MDC the loss of a stamp within 48 hours for replacement, and also ensure that the stamp was returned to the MDC in case of suspension of the user from office, the practitioner leaving the facility or upon the death of a practitioner.



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