Mind your business, I am not the only gospel musician who is divorced-Abena Ophelia slams critics


Renowned female gospel musician, Abena Serwaa Ophelia, has asked Ghanaians to mind their business and stop spreading lies about the circumstances that led to her breaking up with her husband and former manager.

In an exclusive interview with Sokoohemaa Kukua on the mid-morning show on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm said, Ghanaians are fond of peddling lies about people without being abreast with issues surrounding their lives.

The musician cum fashion designer told the host it was based on mutual understanding that saw her divorce the husband hence those peddling the falsehood should desist from doing so.

Marriage she said is based on mutual understanding and when two matured play people agree to go their separate ways, it should run main so.

“I will encourage Ghanaians to desist from spreading rumors and lies about the private life of people. You cannot spread lies bout people when you do not have information about them. It is disgusting when you hear people say things about others in an ill manner,” she said.

In answering a question on what she makes of perception that gospel musicians who divorce their husbands are ungodly said, “I am not the only Christian who has divorced the husband and it is also false to state that, women who divorce their husbands are not true Christians. You cannot be in a marriage when you there is no mutual understanding. It makes no to continue to stay in a marriage you know will not work. So I will encourage people to stop peddling lies about me. I hate talking about my marriage bit the lies have been too much,” she lamented.

Meanwhile, the gospel musician says there is no bad blood between her and the former husband adding, she wanted to remix her old songs and when she called the former manager and husband Mr Nyantakyi, he gladly gave her the old songs and even asked her to always call him when she lacks understanding on anything.

“I don’t have any problem  with my former husband. I recently wanted to remix my old songs and called him and requested to have the songs sent to me. He sent the songs to me and asked me to call him whenever I want to seek clarity on something.

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