N/R NPP takes stock & vows to win more seats

As part of efforts to take stock and strategise for the year 2019 and further help the New Patriotic Party (NPP) to win massively in 2020 in the Northern region, the regional chairman, Mr Mohammed Baantima Adam, alias Chairman Samba (a.k.aChairman do-all) convened a Regional Executive Committee meeting on Saturday 22nd December 2018 inside the ultra-modern party office he acquired and refurbished for the party soon after his election as regional chairman.

In attendance were all regional executives, chairmen of all 31 constituencies in the northern region and the regional minister.

The major highlight of the meeting was for them to review 2018 in terms of what has been accomplished and what remains outstanding.

They also came up with a strategic blueprint for 2019 that will facilitate the achievement of his “Agenda 22 seats” for NPP in the 2020 elections which all of them subscribe to.

In his address, the affable, and visionary chairman congratulated everyone for their sterling performance in the year under review.

He was worried however that the party has not effectively communicated its message and numerous achievements nationally and in the region.

He therefore called for concerted efforts towards communicating the achievements of president Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo and the NPP since to him, in two years the government has achieved more than what was achieved by the NDC  in 8 years.

He mentioned the numerous pro-poor and business friendly initiatives of the government that have positively impacted on the lives of Ghanaians.

He stressed on the achievements of the government so far in fighting unemployment with the introduction of the Nation Builders Corps (NABCO) and massive recruitment in vital sectors of the economy like education, health, agriculture and security.

Chairman Samba appealed for unity and camaraderie among party functionaries and government appointees in the region. He promised to resolve all feuds identified in the region between members of the party before they escalate and serve as impediments to the success of the party.

The regional minister re-echoed the message of the regional chairman and added that the government has so far been able to achieve its main campaign message and several other laudable achievements not even captured in the NPP manifesto. He was excited about the pragmatic manner the party is being run in the region and added that he has no fears about the party making more gains from what was achieved in 2016 if it goes into 2020 with unity and common sense of purpose.He reiterated that as the chief government appointee in the region, his doors were open to the party whenever they desire. 

On their part, the constituency chairmen gave account of how the party was being run in their constituencies and the relationship between government and party at the grassroots. They were with joy and appreciation to the regional chairman for always being in touch with them and solving most of their problems. They each gave an assurance to the regional chairman and minister that they will work to significantly increase the performance of the party in their various constituencies.
The meeting managed to adopt key political strategies going into the new year. These strategies are not public but are geared towards maintaining the government in power beyond 2020.

The SAMBA era is the ACTION era. Chairman Sambais in touch with the party at the grassroots and he is leaving no stone untunedin his quest to make the NPP the party of choice in the northern region 2020and beyond. Agenda 2020, Agenda 22 seats is well on course.

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