Nana Addo must conduct an immediate prez probe into Oslo deal-Dr. Apaak

The Member of Parliament for Builsa South, Dr. Clement Apaak, has said the Minority has provided enough evidence in support of the claims that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs inflated the cost of the building its intends to use as the Chancery for Ghana in Oslo, Norway.

The Minority in Parliament is demanding a Presidential probe into the $12 million deal.

They have alleged that the cost of the building may have been inflated and the deal has tarnished the image of the country.

The Minority believes a Presidential probe will bring out the truth in the matter.

Dr.Apaak insisted that the Minority has done the necessary probe and from information available and same captured in the 2019 budget, the building has already being bought and so the claims by the Minister Shirley Ayorkor Botchwey that the deal has been suspended was neither here or there.

He said, the minister had already informed parliament Ghana has opened a Chanceryin Oslo.

He believes something fishy has gone on and efforts were being employed to coverup the rot, which was meant to create, loot and share.

He also stated that the Minister has not presented evidence to Parliament, where the deal had been sent for perusal,to back her claim that she pulled out of the deal after suspecting an anomaly.

‘’We are not kids in this country and parliament is a body mandated to have an oversight responsibility over government and so that is what the Minority has done. The Minister should have informed parliament and not to wait for the issue to be raised before coming out to state that the deal has been on hold.

He said Ms Botchwey’s claim of suspending the purchase of the property was an afterthought.

He said Ms Botchwey’s claim could not be truebecause on December 13, 2018, a Ghanaian delegation went to Oslo to inspect theproperty.

Dr. Apaak said it was crucial for President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to commission a national inquiry into the procurement of the property in Oslo to identify the people who recommended the purchase of the property.
He said it was important for the syndicate to be exposed and the perpetrators punished for their involvement in the deal.

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