Nana Addo’s call to end vigilantism is only a political rhetoric-JOY

Mr Jacob Osei Yeboah, the 2016 independent presidential candidate, has underscored the need for government to put in place a holistic approach towards the disbandment of vigilante groups.

He said one major area that Ghanaians were expecting to hear the president speak on during the State of the Nation Address  was on the activities of vigilantism and he did speak on that.

The call on the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress to voluntarily disband their vigilante groups was a good call but sounded like a rhetoric.

JOY as he is affectionately called questioned how the disbandment is going to be done.

“How are we going to disband the groups? The NPP and NDC are the parties that formed these groups…We need to stop calling for disbandment and rather find a way to deal with all the members of the vigilante groups.
These are the same people who are usually used by terrorist groups. The president has called on the parties to disband these groups but the political parties would still go behind our backs and train them secretly for their political interest.”

When asked what should be done he said, if we do not take steps to deal with this holistically, the group members may pounce on Ghanaians because they no longer belong to vigilante groups.

He is rather suggesting a legislation that would prosecute financiers and members of such groups aside the call for them to be disbanded.

He also called for jobs to be created for the members of all the various vigilante groups so they don’t engage in criminal activities when their groups are disbanded.

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