NDC/NPP Vitriolic Exchanges As Nation Rots: Ghana Cannot Continue This Way!-Andy Kankam Writes

NDC/NPP Vitriolic Exchanges As Nation Rots: Ghana Cannot Continue This Way!

After 27 years of walking the part of our 4th Republic Democratic Dispensation, it is becoming very apparent by the day that many more Ghanaians continue to lose faith in the two dominant political traditions: The National Democratic Congress (NDC), and New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Especially in the wake of last week’s vitriolic exchanges between both parties on issues to do with their management of the Ghanaian economy; a very sour taste has been left in the mouths of well-meaning and right-thinking Ghanaians and the electorate are now unable to hide their deep resentment for the type of deadwood politics that is going on.

It was a big shame for Vice President Bawumia to stand in front of the nation and pour insults on the NDC by referring to their logic as “warped’, especially when he left his own logic hanging on stilts and not bedded on solid economic thinking.

It was equally disturbing to hear Honourable Isaac Adongo in his rebuttal, say that the Vice President “… will not have an erection when he gets home …”.

What has economic management got to do with “erection”? Is that how low we have dropped our political debates into the abyss of filth and stench?

When Ghanaians are being axphysiated and emaciated by the killing policies of the NPP, is it proper that the NDC goes on an insulting spree in an attempt to expose the lack of depth in the economic thinking of the Vice President?

In all honesty, a large section of Ghanaians no longer have any apettite for the kind of immoral politics that is going on in this country.

People are getting very sick and tired with the insults and tit-for-tat politics and if both the NDC and the NPP do not up their game; they will soon run themselves into the mud of extreme irrelevance!

The NDC must begin to put up a more serious face and image on issues if it is to convince majority of Ghanaians to give them the mandate in 2020.

The NDC should not forget that in 2016, more than 1 million of its own supporters refused to vote hence the heavy loss suffered.

It takes more than pouring invectives on the failed NPP government for the NDC to win another election: it is only a well crafted plan and well organised campaign that shall sway majority of voters in the direction of the NDC.

To all intents and purposes, Ghanaians are beginning to talk about the need for a “3rd Force” or a “Viable Alternative” as a way of telling the NDC and NPP to either give the electorate what they want; or be prepared to become extinct.

NDC/NPP must stop taking the Ghanaian electorate for granted or else ….

The writer is the Editor in Chief of the Informer Newspaper

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