Former Athletics Association president, George Heldane-Lutterodt, has refuted speculations that he was no longer contesting the November Association’s presidential race.

He told Rainbow Sports he will contest the race and expressed strong optimism of victory

Mr Luterodt said, the power to elect a president resides in the members of congress and if they should vote for him, he will serve to the best of his capacity but has also promised to assist any other person who is elected.

When asked what would be his reaction should he be asked not contest the position by government, he said, no one can prevent me from contesting the race for the second time.

He has therefore threatened to go to court should he be asked to rescind his decision to contest.


He has promised to inject capital into the sport and ensure the organisation of many circuits and major competitions in the country.

Mr Lutterodt is an economist consultant and sports philanthropist.

By: Ebenezer Asare (Intern, Rainbow Radio)


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