Not Depending On Celebrities for votes: Akablay Vindicates Koku Anyidoho…

Ghanaian renowned musician, Anthony Akabley, has said self acclaimed dancehall king, Shatta Wale was a bad influence on the youth.

Speaking in interview Graphic Showbiz, the musician opined that although Shatta Wale had the largest fan base, he failed to impact them positively.

He said:“With his large fan base I don’t expect Shatta Wale to use certain words and engage in indecent acts. I know he has the largest fan base in Ghana at the moment but what impact is he making on them?The youth are engaged in all sorts of bad activities because they see him as their role model and blindly copy what he does.”

To Akablay, because Shatta Wale has a lot of influence on the youth, he can push them to using their energies and time positively.However he failed to do do so, he moved.“I expect a lot from him as the leader he claims to be because the youths are going wayward and I will blame it largely on him,” he said.

His comments is coming at a time when the endorsement by celebrities for political parties have been subjected to varied views.

Recently, a former deputy general secretary for the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Koku Anyidoho not that the party will no longer allow celebrities who lacks the understanding of the philosophy of the party, to campaign for the umbrella family.

To him, such “strangers” had no impact when they campaigned for the party in 2016.Others have also argued that celebrities may have their fame but are not necessarily the best persons to lead political campaigns because it is not the generality of the electorate who respect them and endorse the candidates they endorse.

President Akufo-Addo used celebrities in 2008 and lost to Professor Atta-Mills who used door-to-door.John Mahama used celebrities in 2016 and lost because he abandoned the door-to-door strategy of Professor Atta-Mills.

Some political pundits have also argued that it was not celebrities who made Mahama win in 2012 rather Mahama won because of the sympathy votes that accrued to the NDC after the painful death of President Atta-Mills as well as the solid works he begun.

The pundits also suggested after the polls that is a fact that Mr Mahama and his Campaign Team used a song by Shatta Wale in 2016 but lost miserably by 44%.

To this end, the comments by Mr Akabley has confirmed the position taken by Mr Anyidoho that celebrities are not the best faces to lead campaigns for the political party when they lack the understanding of the party’s philosophy.

The celebrities do not only lack understanding of the philosophies of political parties, but come along with a lot of their negative baggages, he had said.

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