NPP Branch in Bia West tears MP apart over ‘bad attitude’

The New Patriotic Party in the Bia West constituency has described their member of Parliament Mr Augustine Tawia as an autocratic leader and ‘Ntokwa Wura’.

According to them, the MP fights anybody who disagrees with him on a decision or criticizes him towards development of the constituency.


This was contained in a statement issued by the branch.


According to them, instead of him focusing on how to bring development in the constituency, he is rather fighting and attacking people.

”Dr Augustine Tawiah’s attitude in the constituency has earned him the title of
Ntokwa Wura. He is noted for his autocratic nature and his fondness of fighting
anybody who disagrees with him. He fought with the former MP, Hon M.C.
Boampong (May his soul Rest in Peace). He is currently fighting with his former
competitor, Mustapha Tanko. He picks fights with any other person he believes is
not in favour of his leadership style.”


Below is the full details of the statement


All media Houses
On the 24th January 2019, the NDC party in the Bia West Constituency, Led by Dr
“Ntokwa Wura” Augustine Tawiah and Chairman Ahmed Ibrahim, organized a
press conference to attack the NPP in the constituency; notably the Chairman
and the Secretary. The press statement given to media houses was strangely
dated 10th January 2019.

Our initial reaction was not to respond to this needless press release considering
the conduct of the MP and his Executives which reflects the following Bible Verse:
Jeremiah, 9:8, “Their tongue is a deadly arrow; it speaks deceitfully; with their
mouths they all speak cordially to their neighbours, but in their hearts they set traps
for them.
However, for the sake of clarity and posterity, we want to point out the flaws in
their statement.
1. “Ntokwa Wura” Dr Augustine Tawiah
Dr Augustine Tawiah’s attitude in the constituency has earned him the title of
Ntokwa Wura. He is noted for his autocratic nature and his fondness of fighting
anybody who disagrees with him. He fought with the former MP, Hon M.C.
Boampong (May his soul Rest in Peace). He is currently fighting with his former
competitor, Mustapha Tanko. He picks fights with any other person he believes is
not in favour of his leadership style.

His recent outburst on the radio simply because Frank Cudjoe challenged his
competency in representing the interest of the constituency, give credence to
this fact. In the said interview, Ntokwa Wura played the tribal card and told
indigenes to be wary of Frank Cudjoe a.k.a. Cocoa Sika’s generosity. To the MP,
the generosity of non-indigenes in the constituency is a ploy to deceive the
indigenes and milk them of their hard earnings.

Ntokwa Wura on the 11th January 2019, threatened to let his children and
grandchildren deal with the Constituency Secretary of NPP mercilessly. This was
contained in a WhatsApp message that he sent to his cronies. We have a copy
of this message and will be making a complaint to the police in due course. I must
state that this is the second time that Ntokwa Wura has issued such threats.
Again, he recently abused a radio presenter at Vision FM (Name Withheld) for
leading a fundraising campaign to rehabilitate the “SS” section of the
Oseikojokrom- Benchemaa road. The presenter received this abuse because the
MP felt, such fundraising efforts will tarnish his image.

2. Origin of Bia Lamplighter college of education
The NDC in their press release stated categorically that, the College of Education
was built and funded by Ntokwa Wura. This is dishonest and untrue. The college
of education was built by the Church of Christ and was absorbed by the
government in 2015 (see:…/bia-lamp-lighter-college-of-education)
Instead of, the MP and NDC, expressing gratitude to the church and encourage
them to do more, the MP is shamefully claiming the credit for this success story of
the church. We find this move very dishonest, especially when the MP claims to
be a missionary of the Church.

3. Claim by Ntokwa Wura that he bought a land worth 200,000 for the 
establishment of Bia Lamplighter training College. 

The NDC in their release stated that, the Ntokwa Wura brought a land worth Ghc
200,000 for the construction of the training college. Now that we know that the
school was established by Church of Christ, We are challenging Ntokwa Wura to
show proof of payment? We urged him to apologize to the people of bia for
spreading such untruth.

4. Payment of Allowance and Accreditation of Bia Lamplighter College of 

Though the government announced the absorption of the Bia Lamplighter
College of Education in 2015, the school gained accreditation on 1st October 2018 (see:…/500-bia-lamplighter￾college-of-education). The school after its accreditation has benefited from the
restoration of Training College Allowance by Nana Akuffo/Bawumia government.
Is it not fair to praise and encourage the government to do more?
We want to use this opportunity to thank, the NPP government for restoring the
Teacher Training Allowance that was cancelled by the NDC.

5. The absorption of Adwoafua Community Senior High by the Government 
of Ghana 

The NDC in the press conference credited “Ntokwa Wura” and TIO John Mahama
for the absorption of the school into government settings. Here again, the NDC
showed gross incompetence by not checking the records of school before
putting up such a statement. The school was absorbed in 2017 and the
regularization of the teachers in the School was done in 2018. How can TIO and
Ntokwa Wura be credited with something that happened in the NPP regime?
6. Ntokwa Wura and the Western North Creation
We heard with great concern the attempt of NDC to credit the creation of
Western North to Ntokwa Wura Augustine Tawiah. This act is shameful and must
not be condoned especially when it seeks to downplay the critical role of
Nananon in the creation of region. The immeasurable contribution of the chiefs in
realizing this dream should not be subjected to infantile political reasoning, where
an amount of GHc 10,000 can be used as a justification for the creation of the

7. The Conduct of Dr “Ntokwa Wura” Augustine Tawiah 

Augustine Tawiah won the mantle to lead the NDC after seeing off competition
from Hon MC Boapong and Mustapha Tanko. Prior to his election, Ntokwa Wura
described the then MP, MC Boapong as ineffective, incompetent and someone
without the constituency at heart. Today we find it surprising that this same
Ntokwah Wura will tout himself with the achievement of the Late MP. We believe
that the late MP will be turning in his grave, that today Augustine Tawiah of all
people is acknowledging his good works.

  1. The works of Works of an Ntokwa Wura
    The MP claims we should clap for him because he has used GHc 90,000 of his
    Common Fund allocation to pay the school fees of some 70 people. This sum is
    less than 5% of the entire Common Fund allocation he has received since he
    became an MP. Where is the rest of the 95%? What did he use his part of the NHIS
    FUND allocation for? What did he use his part of the GETFUND allocation for? He
    must account for stewardship as an MP.
    Ntokwa Wura Augustine Tawiah must learn to be tolerant and accept diverse
    views after all this is a democracy. We also want to remind him of his missionary
    status and call on him to exercise “abotr3 abotr3” in expressing his views. We urge
    him to up his game and live to expectation.
    We urge Ntokwa Wura to Commit his Common Fund money for more
    developmental projects, than using a mere 5%.
    We, members of the NPP in this constituency led by Chairman Cocoa Sika have
    taken a cue from 1 Samuel 25:28 “Please forgive the trespass of your servant. For
    the Lord will certainly make my lord (NPP) a sure house, because my lord (NPP) is
    fighting the battles of the Lord and evil shall not be found us”. We have forgiven
    the MP and His Executive for their dishonesty in twisting facts.
    Kojo Monney
    Constituency Secretary NPP
    Contact Persons
    Samuel Adu Agyei WR Com Director Tel: 0245143181
    Benard Blay 1st Vice Chairman Tel: 0249318806
    George Kyere Organizer Tel: 0248907903
    Samuel Nkoah Asst. Secretary Tel: 0554807761



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