NPP has failed to sustain the gains by Mahama to end ‘dumsor’-NDC MP

Deputy Minority Leader of Parliament James Klutse Avedzi, has admonished government to resolve the all the challenges that has plunged the nation into darkness over the past week.


The legislator in an interview with Kwabena Agyapong on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm said, if the current challenges facing the energy sector are resolved then we would not go back to ‘dumsor’.


He reiterated that ‘dumsor’ was resolved by the previous Mahama led administration and instead of the ruling government to sustain the success chalked, they have failed to do so and Ghanaians have started experiencing unannounced outages.


The New Patriotic Party (NPP) he said made promises to reduce electricity tariffs and because of that they are finding it difficult to raise enough revenue to manage the energy situation.


He has also called on government to settle all the necessary debts so we are able to get the needed energy to manage power in the country.

Meanwhile, Energy Minister John Peter Amewu has assured Ghanaians government have the people to manage the system and will not see the return of ‘dumsor’.


He told journalists at a press briefing today [Monday] government was aware of the concerns raised by Ghanaians and will be guided by that and ensure power is stabilized.


He said Ghanaians encountered serious energy crisis under the incompetent Mahama led administration but this administration is managing the system and I will say the situation is under control, he added.


‘’When you put off the light you will say ‘dumsor’…in the past three years it was ‘dumkraa’. We are not in an era of ‘dumkraa’, the lights may go off as we are witnessing,” but it will not be like the one experienced under the NDC, adding ”…our opponents thinks  they want to capitalise on this but  that period will never come because we are managing the system. We have the people to manage the system and we can give assurance to the people that the system is under control.’’

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