OSLO BROUHAHA: I’m not going to conduct a probe over your flimsy allegation-Prez to Minority

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has rejected a call by the Minority in Parliament on him to conduct a presidential probe into the alleged $12 million Oslo Chancery deal.

The president in responding to a question on whether he will accept the call and conduct the presidential probe said he would not waste time on a flimsy allegation that has no strong evidence and basis.

The Minority has accused the Foreign Affairs Ministry of inflating the cost of the Oslo building.

The Minority is also demanding a Presidential probe into the $12 million deal.

They have alleged that the cost of the building may have been inflated and the deal has tarnished the image of the country.

The Minority believes a Presidential probe will bring out the truth in the matter.

The president said it has become an attitude by the Minority to peddle falsehood, make unsubstantiated allegations against his appointees in an attempt to make his administration look bad.

The president in response said: ‘’so many allegations are thrown against at this government and appointees; a lot of the time, on the flimsiest of evidence. Here is an allegation being made on the floor of parliament by the Minority’s spokesperson on the Foreign Affairs Committee about a transaction that has not even taken place and yet,  a serious accusation of misappropriation, mishandling of public funds is made.’’

He indicated the case would have been different if the transaction has taken but ‘’this is a transaction that has not taken place. How then can you begin to make statements about corruption, misappropriation on the basis of this bare allegation without any evidence?

He said, if he should focus on the baseless accusations by the Minority then his government would not recover or have time to deliver on the mandate given them.

‘’It is the pattern of the opposition to throw these accusations in the air, when they are debunked you don’t hear anything about it and they just move to the next allegation. That is what we have seen.’’

President Akufo-Addo predicted that, the allegations by the Minority would get worse as we approach 2019 and prepare for the 2020 polls.

In his view, the Minority is bent on creating a bad name for his administration in order for the party to win the next polls.

‘’These people are so desperate…[the] fabrications will continue and continue,’’ he added.

He concluded by stressing that for him to conduct a probe, then he would need a strong base that the lawyers will sometimes call a prima facie case and in that case, the president is duty bound to say yes let this matter be investigated. But when you have allegations that are so empty of substance and then you say that  merely because  it has been raised, you therefore have to have an independent enquiry; I know that it would be  in the interest of  some people to  make sure that, we don’t work and we just get ourselves entangled in all of these  red herrings,’’ in order to make us lose focus, ‘’I am not going to buy that. We are really going to stay focused. [If] somebody…brings a  serious allegation that is worth investigating, I will be the first to accept it.’’

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