Pamela Watara takes Ola Michaels to the cleaners, calls him a ”dwarf”

Social Media model, Pamela Odame Watara, has taken entertainment critic Ola Michaels to the cleaners describing him as a ‘’dwarf’’.

Pamela Odame who was recently subjected to ridicule after she was exposed for being a student of Wisconsin University said she became agitated after the moviemaker described her as a porn star.

In mincing no words, the actress warned she will beat up Ola Michaels wherever she sees him because she felt insulted for being described as a porn star.

Pamela Odame told Fiifi Prat on Rainbow Radio 87.Fm that Ola Michaels had no right to insult and denigrate her in the manner he did.

Not even attempts by the host and Nayas 1 could prevent Pamela from venting her anger on Mr Michaels.

When asked to withdraw her comments, she refused and insisted he [Michaels] is a dwarf and went on to use unprintable words on the critic.

She said: ‘’Ola Michaels is a dwarf. Why should he describe me as a porn star? If I were to be her sister, would he have described me as a porn star? I will not withdraw my comments. He is a dwarf.’’





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