Parliament recommends reduction of GSL re-marking fee from GHc3,000-GHc500

The Committee on Constitutional, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs has directed the Ghana Law School to reduce the remarking fee from GHc3, 000 to GHc500.

The recommendation comes after some aggrieved law students petitioned the committee over the mass failures that hit the school recently.

The committee in its report called on the school to also re-open t5he period for remarking to enable the students who could not apply for remarking to do so.

It will be recalled that some students at the law school petitioned parliament concerning their predicaments in the school especially the unprecedented number of students failing the final examination at the law school.

The students felt parliament needed to intervene to help address their concerns.

The matter was then referred to the Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs of Parliament.

The committee has completed its work in its recommendations the committee among other things underscored the need for the school to adopt off-site marking schemes and examiners reports available to students and lecturers of GSL; and the IEC to consider holding supplementary examinations for all referred candidates in the 2018 Professional Law Course Examinations in a timely manner to ensure that successful candidates are enrolled in this year.’’

Meanwhile, the Committee has planned to engage all stakeholders in the legal education sector to consider the Legal Profession (Amendment) Bill, 2018, which has been laid in the House and currently before the Committee.

‘’In this regard, the Committee has already received two proposals from lecturers of the GSL for reforming professional legal education in Ghana and would consider same together with other proposals that may be submitted by other stakeholders,’’ the recommendation signed by Chairman of the Committee, Ben Abdallah Banda said.

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