Plans by Nigeria Professor to ‘destroy’ Ghana exposed

A Nigerian Professor at the University of Ghana by name Augustine Nwabara has been seen a leaked video hatching ways to have the image of Ghana destroyed.

The video, which has since gone viral on social media captured the professor of English bragging that Nigerians would use t5heir media to tarnish the image of Ghana.

As part of the strategies he proposed to have the mission accomplished he said: ‘’ We’re highly skilled and highly talented and blessed people but many at time we lack strategy, Nigerians tend to lack strategy. You can have good skills, if you don’t know how to let people know it, it is there; dies, like having a factory full of items in the warehouse. If you don’t advertise it remains in the warehouse”.

“They have harassed us a lot, I know that… What I’m saying is we need strategies. I’ll suggest something which the embassy can think about; I know they know which they can do immediately at the Nigerians community. There is bad image for Nigeria; we can take it back through the press. We can reverse it. We have powerful Nigerian media stations, channels broadcast all over the world, there’s active online social media, the plot in Nigeria. Let them come here and run documentaries of the experiences of Nigerians and blast it all over the world. In three days Ghana would respond”.

He admonished Nigerians in Ghana to join his force to have the media execute the agenda saying: “I have been a media person, you cannot be here and suffering. Let the leaders get our media persons come here to cover what has been happening. Go to the student community, go to the business community, go to everywhere; come to the embassy. Go and confront the officials with the information, air it, within one week I can tell you part of worse happening. I’m sorry to say it but this is within us, the present government in Ghana came on the grounds of Nigeria bashing. I’ve listened to things some of their top leaders have said all over the world in major places. We did not take it back, if we take it back they will sit up, so media strategy one”. 

“Use their own media; but you know something, I’ve been a pressman, there is no absolute truth in the media. The truth is truth as it is presented. Let us use our own media and get back to them. Let us see life cases, let our media with this story say we want to go to their prisons to see Nigerians, of course, they will turn you back, you broadcast it. And by the time you’re through run series of documentaries on Nigerians relations and sir we’ll take history”, he added.

He has alleged that there were Nigerians recruited into the Ghana Police Service.

He recounted an encounter he had with Nigerian Ghanaian Police officer on the Winneba road and how he easily spotted the police officer as a Nigerian based on his “accent and the key things you used to identify where somebody comes from”.

”We have these but we are not respected because we do not take advantage of our facilities. So this is what we do; that is where come. We are highly skilled and bless people but many at times we lack strategy. Nigerians turn to lack strategy.

You can have good skills but if you do not let people know what you have it dies. It’s like having a factory full of items in the warehouse; if you don’t advertise it remains in the warehouse.

They have harassed us a lot, I know that. I was walking on the road; that day I was driving. I had my work out things in the car. Ghanaian police took my dumbells and walked into his car and said he has taken it.

A colleague was with me and he said what do we do? I said leave that let me urinate and come back. I said (To the police officer), go and bring it from your car and down to this car and he did.

But I can tell you something; from his accent, I am a professor of English, he is Ghanaian Police office but from his accent, I can bet my life he is a Nigerian. I can bet my life from his accent he is a Nigerian. He is a Ghanaian Police officer but he is a Nigerian.”

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