Referendum for new regions: Special Voting Underway

Special voting for the referendum towards the creation of the six new regions is underway across the country.

Personnel from the various security services who fall within the respective proposed regions and personnel of other state agencies will be on duty on the Thursday December 27, when the exercise will take place are voting in the special exercise.

The main exercise is slated for December 27, 2018 in the selected or respective regions to be divided.

The six new proposed Regions are  – Oti, North East, Savannah, Ahafo, Bono East and Western North.

A statement issued by the EC on the exercise few weeks ago said: ‘’ The ElectoralCommission announces for the information of the general public that following the receipt of the recommendations of the Commission of Inquiry on the creation of new regions from the President of the Republic of Ghana and acting in accordance with the recommendations;

The Electoral Commission has fixed THURSDAY, 27TH DECEMBER, 2018, for the referendum on the creation of the proposed regions, namely AHAFO, BONO EAST, SAVANNAH, NORTH EAST, OTI, and WESTERN NORTH.

YES is for those in favour of the creation of a new region, and NO for those not in favour.

The official colours that represent the issues to be determined are YELLOW for “YES” and BROWN for “NO”.

All eligible voters within each of the above mentioned areas who intend to approve of the creation of the new region are required to thumbprint beside the colour, YELLOW on the corresponding thumbprint space on each ballot paper, whiles those who disapprove of the creation of a region should thumbprint at the thumbprint space beside the colour, BROWN.

The sample ballot paper which is attached to this statement represents the true depiction of the colours of the issues to be voted upon in the referendum.

The public, especially voters and voter educators on the referendum processes are kindly requested to take note of this information and duly observe them in the events leading to the referendum.’’

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