Stonebwoy has caused himself more harm; his deal with Samsung maybe affected-Quopkyi Okyeame

Musician and Radio Broadcaster, Quophi Okyeame has expressed disappointment in Stonebwoy for pulling a gun at the VGMAs over the weekend.

The musician said he would not take sides over who was right or wrong but express his disappointment at the pulling of the gun.

Speaking to Kwabena Agyapong on Frontline on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm he said it has become a practice for musicians and their followers to wield guns wherever they go to.

He said even if you have a licensed gun, the license does not say you should pull it in front of the midst of people.

Quophi Okyeame indicated that Stonebwoy has a fan base that is massive and so they would support him no matter the situation hence the need for him to be cautious.

“We don’t use guns to settle issues. There are a lot of musicians having problems with each other but no one used guns. You only pull guns when you want to kill people. Is that what we want to teach our children? We had children watching and then the international community and so I was so disappointed in the action of gun pulling. I am not claiming anyone but only condemning the pulling of the gun, ” he said.

To him, Stonebwoy had a good point in saying he was trying to defend himself but it does not mean “we should not condemn the act”.

” We don’t hate Stonebwoy but we are condemning the action of gun pulling. It was not the best.”

When asked if the action by Stonebwoy could affect his endorsement deal with Samsung, he said he prays it does not reach that point but he has caused himself more harm than good.

“Stonebwoy had a perfect chance of perfecting his case but he has destroyed his case. He was given the deal because of his demeanor. He was recently endorsed by Reverend Eastwood Anaba and it was based on these things that he was given the brand ambassadorial role. But it is ground for people to pull away from your character.”

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