Techiman announced as capital of newly created Bono East Region

Techiman has been announced as the regional capital for the newly created Bono East region.

President Nana Akufo-Addo who made the announcement a ceremony to present the Constitutional Instrument (CI) to the chiefs and people iof the region.

The president in his speech said the region has been allocated GHc20 million as seed capital to help in the establishment of the needed infrastructure for the smooth take off of the region.

The creation of the six (6) new regions the president said presents us with the opportunity to serve better the needs of people from these new religions through the effective and efficient reorganisation and distribution of our public services and infrastructure.’’

The president recounted resounding acceptance given the creation of Bono East region and said, ‘’indeed, out of ten thousand, one hundred and nine (10, 109) participants at the six public hearings conducted in the proposed Bono East region, there was not a single dissenting voice.’’

In assuring the chiefs and people of his commitment to see the region developed, he said, ‘’Nananom, I can assure you that this government, which facilitated the creation of this region, in compliance with the provisions of the constitution, will help ensure the smooth take-off and development of Bono East.’’

‘’For an enclave which is ethnically diverse, representing about two-thirds of the entire land mass of then Brong Ahafo region, and whose predominant economic activity is agriculture, Bono East, with significant deposits of natural resources, should have been one of the developed parts of our country. Unfortunately, it is not.’’


An elated president said, ‘’today is a happy day for the people of the newly created Bono East region, and I am happy that years of agitation for the creation of this region, which yielded no results, have come to and end, and, hopefully, that a new era of progress and prosperity has dawned for the people of the region.’’





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