Tell Ghanaians why you failed to pay cost for free vacation classes-Apaak to Prez

The Member of Parliament for Builsa South, Dr. Clement Apaak has asked President Akufo-Addo and his administration to explain to Ghanaians why they have failed to pay for the extra classes for students under the double-track system.

The legislator says the NPP administration has deceived Ghanaians and must apologise to citizens with immediate effect.

Dr. Apaak who is a presidential staffer made reference to the assurance given by the Minister of Education Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh in September 2018.

The Minister in 2018 at the ‘Meet the Press’ series said government will absorb extra classes fees for students on campus and on vacation under its much anticipated Double track System.

The announcement was based on the increment in enrolment numbers.

Based on last 2017 enrolment, the government projected enrolment figures for 2018 to stand at 472,730 against available seats of 290, 737 leaving a gap of 181, 993.
In order to accommodate the expected number of enrolment, the government resolved to introduce a system called double tracking.
During the implementation of the policy, the Education Minister said, “government is going to provide per head GHC50 to every student as academic intervention, where the teachers if they have to organize extra lessons in Maths and English, will not charge their students.
“The government will give them money to be able to pay for the extra classes.”
He added that for students who will be on the green track, breaking frequently, “we are organizing to have extra classes at home and give them work when they are going home so that they can fulfil it.”
Government “will provide centres in the constituencies for them (students) to engage [and] meet teachers.”

But that promise has not been fulfilled and students under the two tracking systems are paying their vacation fees, a situation Dr. Apaak says is unfortunate.

He said, ‘’Government has broken its promise of state funded vacation classes for the tracks at home. Parents are paying for classes for their wards! Question is, what of those parents who can’t afford 500-200 for such vacation classes? What of students in rural areas? So where is the benefit of the “free” if parents/students have to pay for vacation classes and or stay at home doing nothing ? And why is government quiet on its failure l to implement such a key component of its track system?

He insisted that government ignored warnings on the challenges of this poor thoughtout system. He said: ‘’After all government knew the negative impact of students being home for long, hence the organisation of vacation classes at no cost to students/parents, so what happened? Government must tell the people of Ghana why it has failed to organise vacation classes free of charge!


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