The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for Lower West Akim Municipal Assembly Mr Seth Oduro Boadu, has promised to deliver a transparent, accountable and diligent leadership if elected as the treasurer for the National Association of Local Authorities of Ghana (NALAG).


Speaking in an exclusive interview with Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm he said, his expertise and skills in the area of finance will give NALAG a facelift and make the association work efficiently and transparently.


He indicated that NALAG’s constitution mandates the treasurer to discharge his or her duties in manner that will give the association a good financial standing and as an aspirant, he is willing to bring his expertise to bear towards this regard.


According to him, just like the constitution of NALAG mandates the treasurer to ensure that expenditures of the Association are kept strictly within the approved budget and also be a signatory to the accounts of the Association as well as submit financial reports at all quarterly meetings of the National Executive Council, he will do so and even introduce a periodic method to ensure accountability.


He is looking forward to develop new ways and measures to allow NALAG generate more revenue to discharge its work.

Mr Seth Oduro Boadu said NALAG would also have to develop good proposals to help it get more money for its work.


He stressed, ‘’I want to improve upon what has been done. The law prescribe that you have to account to the people but I want to do it periodically to build trust and transparency. I will suggest to Council to buy into my idea and allow us move towards the periodic accounting.’’


When asked what legacy he would want to be remembered for he said he would want to be remembered for his transparency, accountability and transformation of NALAG.


He is also looking forward to collaborate with other stakeholders with credible and solid track record to make NALAG an enviable association.


‘’I want to be remembered as the most transparent and accountable treasurer of NALAG. I am not only looking forward to transform our finances but will further make suggestions and submissions that will help NALAG transform in a holistic manner.’’


The Association is a non-profit making body. The objectives of NALAG are to:


(1). Promote the development of local government administration and decentralisation in Ghana.


(2). Protect the rights, privileges and interests of all member District Assemblies as may be affected by existing and future legislation and local government service delivery.


(3). Assist in maintaining high standards of local government (administration) service delivery.


(4). Provide a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas and information on matters of mutual interest related to local government (administration) service delivery as the Means of solving problems of member District Assemblies.




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