Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia has launched two technical innovations designed to make the National Health Insurance Scheme more accessible and also improve its financial management.

The mobile membership renewal service, will allow NHIS members to check policy validity, NHIS medicines list and benefit package and most importantly renew membership with the use of a mobile money wallet on any mobile phone, in a matter of minutes via a dedicated USSD code*929#.

‘’This is the first of its kind in West Africa, the Vice President stated.

According to him, ‘’using technology to enhance the financial system in providing access to health care in collaboration with the National Investment Bank to provide E – RECEIPTING technology with on-site banking. This will reduce manual interventions in cash management.’’

Dr. Bawumia urged management of the scheme to address the bottlenecks that have stalled the growth of membership over the years, to enable it increase its membership for the attainment of UniversalHealthcare Coverage in Ghana.

 The new system would also allow the scheme to cross check from their clients for them to confirm if they had visited the health facility that had submitted claims for service rendered to them.

The new system would enable electronic receipting of payments made to the NHIS and this would help reduce corruption in the NHIS.

It is also expected  to reduce the long queues’ for renewal  of subscription and help raise the number of active members of the scheme well above the current active membership of near11 million membership.

It further allow service providers to electronically submit their claims, which would help in fast processing and early payment of service providers.

The new system would not affect the renewals for pregnant women and the needy, because NHIA staff would need to see physically pregnant women for such persons to benefit from the provisions of the scheme for pregnant women.He said the needy, would need to provide documents from the Social Welfare Departments to confirm their status to enable them to be exempted from the payment of subscriptions.


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