VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED: Butcher Butchered, Robbed of GHc4,600

A butcher Ibrahim Dauda, 52, has escaped near death on Sunday March 24, 2019 after some persons he has identified as residents at Manhia, in the Greater Accra Region butchered him.

The victim narrating how the incident occurred on Frontline told Nana Adjoa Owusu that he sustained deep cuts in the head and nearly lost an ear.

According to him, his attackers trailed and attacked him at no provocation at 44 junction on his way to buy meat to sell.

Ibrahim told the host he was clubbed with other offensive weapons aside the knives and cutlass they used to butcher him.

He disclosed he was also robbed of his GHJc4, 600.

He said ‘’they attacked me with a cutlass and clubbed me as well. The dipped their hands in my pocket and robbed me of my GHc4,600.’’

He further alleged that the attackers followed him on his way to his brothers’ residence and attacked him again but took to their heels after they saw his brothers coming to his rescue.

He was later rushed to a nearby hospital but his condition could not be handled there and was later transferred to the Amasaman Government Hospital.

Ibrahim Dauda said he reported the incident at the Amasaman Police station and was asked to write his statement.

The suspects were later arrested but they have been released on bail, he said.

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