We cannot create soft grounds for women in Parl, they should compete-NPP MP

The Deputy Minister for Sanitation and MP for Okaikoi Central Mr. Yaw Boamah has argued that women should not be made to climb to the political ladder on a silver platter.

To him, women must also experience the competitive environment of our political space.

Contributing on a statement presented before the House by Ras Mubarak, the MP for Kunbugu on the need for a forum to be created by political parties to have equal representation. of women in parliament, the NPP MP disagreed on grounds that such opportunities be earned competitively.

The honourable member of Kunbugu in his statement said representation of women in Ghana’s parliament was a problem for all the political parties and a national problem hence must not be swept under the carpet.

Mr. Mubarak said we stand the risk of waking up one day with an all male MPs ‘’if we do not act and that is very scary’’.

Other countries have succeeded in creating opportunities for women and Rwanda for example has the highest number of female MPs in the world and also the only country in the world with the highest number of female MPs.

He has therefore underscored the need for Ghana to also adopt the legislation of a quota system for women representation in parliament.

He made reference to some Latin American countries such as Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Columbia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic and others where a quota has been legislated for representation of women in parliament.

The MP believes that an increase in women representation in parliament would bring increased focus on issues affecting women and children.

But reacting to the call, Mr. Boamah said the forum would not be necessary because women must show competence and compete with their male counterparts equally.

He said there were women who competed and defeated men based on their conviction and interest in the business of politics.

‘’It doesn’t come that easy. I share the views of my colleague but in this country, you have to be competitive in every aspect. I thought he [Ras] was going to talk about encouraging women to start politics from a certain point…’’

He said ‘’you just cannot say that we need to create a forum or special seats for women in parliament. There are various forms of supporting women to aspire for office and I believe that just asking for some soft ground; I don’t think the women would even accept it because they believe that they’ve come of age and they can fight and compete win every election.’’

Mr. Boamah said women occupy important positions in this country including ministerial appointments among others.

‘’I think we must encourage women in other positions. Is not only in parliament that you would want to see women progress politically. There are other  positions which they’ve occupied. We have to encourage them…we just would not let them feel that they are coming into this business because we feel they are inferior. They are not. Some are better than us men and I think we should not hand over,’’ power to women on a silver platter.

Also contributing, the MP for Karachi West, Helen Adjoa Ntosuo suggested that more flexible ways must be given to women in the process of contesting in an election.

According to her, allowing women to pay half of the filing fee for elections at the political party level ‘’is not enough’’.

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