Skate soccer and Baseball Federation President, Albert Frimpong, has stated emphatically that the federation’s inability to qualify for the West Africa Zonal Olympics in South Africa was due to lack of equipment.

Speaking to Rainbow sports, Mr Frimpong said we lack equipment and the equipment we train with is quite expensive.

He further disclosed the team usually goes to Japan to seek for sponsorship in relation to the equipment to enable them train.

However, when the equipment is shipped into the country, we don’t get any tax exemptions and due to that, our sponsors withdrew their sponsorship because they were unwillingly to pay for the duty to clear the shipment. Why should someone agree to support you with the equipment you need to train and you expect that same individual to pay for your duty? That is impossible,’’ he lamented.

He said ‘’if government of Ghana should help us to clear our equipment from the port, then we will get sponsorship and support to assist the team.

The Federation President said the team needs financial support from government in order to help them prepare for international tournaments.

According to him, an amount of $10,000 will be okay for the year.

He also disclosed to Rain Sports the Japanese government has decided to support Tanzania and Burkina Faso due to the interest their governments have in skate soccer.

‘’Now the Japanese Government donates to Tanzania and Burkina Faso since their governments have been helping them to clear their equipment. They cant donate it to you and still help you to clear them at the port,’’ he added.

He also lamented the decision by authorities to auction their equipment donated by the Japanese government due to the inability to clear them from the port.

Skate soccer is a game which helps talented but physically challenged persons found on the streets to harness their skills on the Skate Board.

By: Isaac Mortey


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