We have regretted working under Soul Records-Akatakyie

Member of music duo Akatayie, King Pharoah, has expressed pain at the way their former Record Label and CEO of Soul Records treated them during their hard times.

The rapper told GH Entertainment show host, Togo Borga that,  their former Record Label CEO neglected them at the point they needed him most.

According to him, they remained loyal to the record label but the CEO Mr JB Asafo Boakye, failed to give them the support they needed.

He indicated that Akatakyie worked so hard to ensure the record label generated enough money but they did not benefit from their sweat.

He also disclosed Akatayie got greater and better opportunities but due to loyalty, they turned all those opportunities down but have regretted.

He blamed the record label for failing to make them grow as artistes like their colleagues they started with.

“Other record labels came our way with better offers but we stood rejected them and insisted that we were not going to betray  our record label. However, we have regretted the past and the opportunities we lost.”

He said, the CEO JB Asafo Boakye, could not support them like they expected despite the little he offered.

“He never showed concern. He disappointed us and did not support us during our difficult times. We never anticipated we could face such difficult times and so when we started encountering these difficulties, we expected him to show concern but he never did”, he added.

Shockingly, Akatakyie never signed a contract with their former boss and due to that, we could not benefit from our hard work, he added.

In explaining why they failed to sign a contract, he said, it was difficult in getting a manager at the time they came out as professional musicians and so when they met Soul Records, the group saw it as an opportunity to exposed and never thought of signing a contract

Meanwhile, he has hinted the group is not dead as speculate by people.

He disclosed the group will by next week release their latest song.

Music he said is a talent they were given by God from heaven and until death, they will continue to release songs.

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