We may consider relocation of armoury or an underground one-Defence Ministry

The Deputy Defence Minister Major rtd Derrick Oduro, has said a committee has been set up to investigative and make recommendations following the Wednesday explosion at the military armoury at Tema.

He told Kwabena Agaypong, host of Frontline on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm that some have suggested the location of the armoury.

The recommendation he said would be subjected to a number of factors including cost.

He also said there is another proposal for the armoury to be done underground.

He explained that the reason why the armoury was done on the surface was because people were far from its location when it was first established but due to development and increase in population, we have witnessed the construction of houses and buildings closer to the armoury.

Major Derrick Oduro lamented the lawlessness and indiscipline on the part of Ghanaians and the encroaching of military lands; a situation he said has serious implications.

Explosions at the Michel Camp on Wednesday sent dangerous ammunition into homes nearby.

According to residents, they heard a loud noise on Wednesday shortly after huge flames engulfed the armoury at the military base in Tema.

He said depot holds a large consignment of explosives and any attempt to locate it would mean that, we would have to invest in establishing an infantry and other logistics.


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