We need a uniformed system for the distribution of fertilizers-Agro Input Dealers


Secretary of the Agro Input Dealers Association of Ghana, Mr Iddrisu Ankrah, has called for one uniformed mode of distribution of the subsidised fertilizers instead of the inconsistent ones implemented over the years.


He said, due to smuggling, the government is always implementing new forms of distribution; a situation he noted is not making the distribution efficient and effective.


The quota for the various regions when it comes to the distribution of the fertilizers he added is woefully inadequate.


He called for an increment in the distribution and training of farmers on the use of fertilizers by properly trained extension officers.


Meanwhile, government has introduced an electronic system to help address the smuggling of fertilizers.


The new service requires every farmer who wants to benefit from the subsidy have to be biometrically registered but farmers who have already registered can purchase the fertilizer.


Before any purchase is made an agent at the retail shop would take the fingerprint of the farmer and match it with the code on the bag of the fertilizer.

The code identifies the region, district, fertilizer type, source, distributor and details of the retailer.


It will be able to track all fertilizer bags and inputs from suppliers all the way to end user which is the farmer.



The new technology is expected to eliminate fertilizer smuggling in the country.



The system will ensure that subsidized fertilizers would now have a special code like the tax stamp introduced by the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA).


Retailers will be given a set of scannable codes to label their inputs based on the quantity of allocation.




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