WE’II Advice ourselves if Management fails to treat our case with human face-GIJ Graduate School Prez

The President of the Graduate School at the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ), Martin Thompson Ntem, has admonished management of the school to be considerate over the ‘No Fees No Examination policy.

Speaking in an interview with Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm over the decision by management to prevent some students from sitting for their end of semester exams over overpaid fees and registration, MTN as he is popularly called said the policy is an unfortunate one and does not inure to the benefit of students.

According to him, there is no university in Ghana where students are prevented from sitting for their exams over fees and the best way to have addressed the issue was to keep the results of the students and release same after they have finished paying their fees.

He told Rainbow Radio the leadership of the Graduate School would meet with management and decide on the way forward.

He further disclosed that the Graduate School planned of going to court to place an injunction on the ‘No Fees No Examination Policy’ but has held on the decision pending the outcome of the planned meeting with management.

He wondered why the management is not being considerate despite the commitment made by some affected students in paying part of their fees.

A graduate student is paying about GHc10, 000 and from information gathered, some have paid more than half of the fees but were prevented from writing.

This he lamented was bad compared to the opportunities available for students in other schools.

MTN believes all fingers are not equal and some students are struggling to pay their fees hence the need for the school to deal with the issue in a holistic manner.

Meanwhile, the management of the school has issued a statement saying: On Sunday, December 2, the student protests and tense atmosphere on campus led Management to call in the police to maintain law and order, and the examinations scheduled for Sunday were suspended.

However, from Monday, December 3, the remaining examinations will come on as planned. Therefore, students who have paid their fees and are duly registered are required to take their examinations as scheduled on the Examination Timetable.
Any registered student who is eligible to write the examinations but fails to present him or herself for the examinations does so at his or her own risk.’’

The statement also stated further that Students who have paid their fees and registered are eligible to take part in exams.

These include students who faced challenges with registration online and were assisted by the Academic Affairs Department to register. However, Management is still eager to consider any students who paid the required fees by the November 21st deadline and have been unable to register online for any reason.

Like in most universities, students are required to pay fees and register at the beginning of the semester to be able to participate in lectures and examinations. This academic year, Management offered students the opportunity to settle their fees by extending the period several times: from end of September, to October, and finally to November 21, 2018.

For proper planning of university operations and administration, registration cannot be extended
beyond November 21st. It has been the practice of GIJ — and still is — that first year students are
required to pay a minimum of 80% of their fees in the first semester by a due date, while continuing students pay 60% of their fees. The remaining fees are paid in the second semester.’’

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