We’II launch GHc1 billion housing project for low-income earners-Prez

President Nana Akufo-Addo has said efforts were underway to resolve the housing deficit in the country.

The president told parliament it will continue with the  Saglemi Housing Project, started under the last NDC government.

He said the project is also high on our list of priorities this year. The five thousand (5,000) units it offers would boost our housing numbers. We are, therefore, establishing the value for money issues surrounding the project in order to reconcile the number of houses built with the schedule of payments made, and accelerate delivery.’’

He said: ‘’The 2019 budget made provision for the construction of two hundred thousand (200,000) housing units, and a database of local and foreign developers has been created to help make this policy a reality. Land banks have also been secured in several towns across Ghana where factories, producing pre-fabricated building materials, can be sited for this huge construction effort.

There are many well-intentioned projects that ended up pricing out the low-income earners, who were supposed to be their beneficiaries. We are determined to learn the lessons from past projects. The Ministry of Finance is working to launch a one billion Ghana cedi housing fund that would target low-income earners.’’


President Akufo-Addo told legislators on Thursday February 21, 2019 that his ‘’Government will continue with the other housing projects for the police, armed forces and government workers across the country, through agencies like the State Housing Corporation.’’

Plans he said were underway to regenerate Nima, one of the slums in Accra.

‘’The most exciting news on the housing landscape, though, is the drafting of plans to regenerate Nima, which holds the dubious title of being Accra’s first slum. It has, of course, progressed very much since those early days, even if it has been unable to shake off the urban-slum title. I am a proud resident of Nima myself, and I am extremely excited that the regeneration plans will not dislodge or dispossess residents, but would rather transform Nima into a well-laid out residential area with full amenities. I am looking forward to it, good work that is being done by the Ministries of Inner City and Zongo Development and Works and Housing,’’ he concluded.

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