We’II not return back to work if you refuse to resolve our concerns-CETAG


The Colleges of Education Teachers Association of Ghana (CETAG) is currently on strike and have refused to resume work should government fail to migrate its members onto their desired salary structure and ‘book and research allowances’ for its members.


CETAG says members will not be going to work because government has refused to address their grievances.

National President of CETAG Mr Prince Obeng-Himah, said  CETAG members remain the only category of tertiary education instructors who do not enjoy the market premium and book and research allowances.

He lamented that CETAG members the opportunity to be at par with the counterparts in the universities and polytechnics in terms of these allowances.


He is claiming that government says it lacks the resources to meet their demand and has therefore refused to pay them the required market premium.

Mr Obeng-Himah slammed government for freezing their November salaries due to their legitimate strike action.


The National Labour Commission he said has not declared the strike by CETAG as illegal and quizzed why the action and described it as an ‘’unfortunate situation and unlawful’’.

The strike action he lamented is not the best but the members of CETAG have no other option because they have been pushed to the corner for 14 years without getting the needed benefits.


He urged government to take steps to address the concerns raised to make them return to work.

Negotiations between the Association and stakeholders including the Ministry of Education, Fair Wages and Salaries Commission and the NCTE to have the concerns of CETAG addressed have so far not yielded positive results. But according to the NCTE, CETAG did not have the right to declare a strike especially as there were ongoing negotiations to address their concerns.

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