We’re grateful for the unity of purpose towards an end to vigilantism- Police


The Public Relations Officer of the Accra Regional Police Command, DSP Afia Tenge, has said the unity of  purpose through which Ghanaians have agreed to send an end to vigilantism, is commendable.

The call from political activists, civic society groups, religious leaders and others is one that has empowered the police to do what it needs to do.

The existence of vigilante groups she said is a threat to national security, stability and the democratic credentials of Ghana.

She recounted how the rights of people have been abused through the use of political vigilante groups.

These abuses she said have been extreme and undermined the security arrangements provided by the police.

‘’The abuse of the rights of people is not right when it comes to democracy,’’ she said.

The Inspector General of Police, David Asante-Apeatu has consistently called for an end to vigilantism and for the police, we are happy Ghanaians have agreed to see an end to vigilantism, she added.

‘’Ghanaians want to see an end to vigilantism that has gradually eaten into our democratic fibre. Ghanaians don’t want vigilantism again and to me, it empowers us to what we [police] are supposed to do.’’

President Akufo-Addo has challenged the two parties to disband all vigilante groups voluntarily or he would be forced to initiate a legal framework to deal with the problem.

In his State of the Nation’s Address on Thursday in Parliament, he said “I have asked the leadership of the NPP to extend an invitation to the leadership of the NDC for such a meeting on vigilantism. The security services of the country will be on standby to assist this meeting.

“If voluntary disbandment by the parties is not feasible, then I will initiate legislation on the matter. Vigorous debate and the exchange of ideas should be the true basis of political dialogue and competition in our country, not the activities of party vigilante groups.

“What was tolerated over the years cannot and must not be accepted anymore. We must not take our peace and security for granted— not for a moment. Our children and grandchildren will not forgive us if we were to compromise our peace and stability. I will not permit that to occur under my watch.”


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