You cannot serve the public with “evil” conscience – Police to Police [ARTICLE]

The Ghanaian public servants have always been indicted of corruption and other ill-behaviors by the citizens.

Unfortunately, the Ghana Police has been the most accused and chastised by the public in this predicaments.

Though there have been several instances where police officers have been found to be culprits in robberies and other fraudulent activities, whilst several of them have also been accused of being neck-deep in bribery and corruption.

However, these claims may entirely not be factual and do not represent the entire practice of the Ghana Police Service.

This is a feature on behaviors that can make the public servant especially the police, serve with virtuous conscience.

It was written by Evangelist Bitrim Jacob, a Police Officer.



“Mathew 5: 9 says blessed are the peace makers for they shall be called sons of GOD but I tell you the truth, to really be called sons of GOD one must discharge his /her duties with honesty and integrity by doing away with BRIBE, CORRUPTION, ALCOHOLISM, STEALING, SMOCKING, FORNICATION and ADULTERY to help maintain the right conscience to serve the public. I’m Proud to be a peace maker and I know the kingdom of GOD awaits me and every genuine POLICE OFFICER.

From the above, it is obvious that when we refrain from bribery, corruption, alcoholism, stealing, smocking, fornication and adultery we will have the right conscience to serve the public with so much joy, rectitude and great integrity.

Finally, he gave this counsel to everyone who does not believe that God exists.

“To those who say there’s no GOD, nothing like heaven and hell exist and that the universe came into existence from nowhere, you are cool to say your mind and express your feelings, live your life the way you want but don’t forget there’s one thing for sure, death awaits us all and we shall know the Truth when we get there. This massage is very simple”

GOD bless our homeland GHANA and protect all genuine police officers”

By: Evangelist Bitrim Jacob

The writer is a police officer



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