You lack understanding if you want Regional Re-Organization Ministry scrapped-Minister

Deputy Minister for Regional Re-organization and Development, Martin Adjei-Mensah Korsah, has said individuals calling for the scrapping of the ministry lack understanding on reasons why it was established.

The Deputy Minister said we are currently at the development face of the region and it is the most difficult face of the work of the ministry hence it cannot scrapped as suggested.

‘’The Ministry is known as the Ministry of Regional Re-organisation and Development and so we have not completed our work. So it is wrong for anyone to call for the dissolution of the ministry. We have not completed our work and so the ministry cannot be scrapped. The Ministry’s work is about to begin,’’ he said.

‘’The real work is getting your goal achieved and that goal is to build these regions so that development is established, the system of governance is established.’’

Speaking to Kwabena Agyapong on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm he said, it is the core mandate of government to ensure development goes to the newly created regions.

He said as part of the decentralization process, it is important to bring governance closer to the people and that was the major factor that informed the creation of the new regions.

On the issue of the regional capitals for the new regions he said, the president has set up a committee and the committee will work and make recommendations.

The Minister Dan Botwe recently said government would not pay heed to lobbyist over the location for the regional capital.

“This is what they have been fighting for for decades, their forefathers wished they could have certain things.

“The next stage for regional creation and selecting a capital is when we come together and get support from technocrats and take a decision,” he said.

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