You promised to fix our poor roads in two weeks but its already a year-NDC MP Jabs Prez

The Member of Parliament for Beum constituency Mr Daniel Kwesi Ashiamah, has reminded President Akufo-Addo of his promise to fix the deplorable nature of roads in Jasikan and other areas in his constituency.

According to the MP, President Akufo-Addo, promised to fix the roads in two weeks but it has been a year and we have not seen any change, he said on Frontline on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm.

The MP said the roads are deplorable and residents are struggling to go about their duties in the affected areas.

When asked what his party did when they were in power to solve the problem he said, the NDC started work on the deplorable roads but we lost the election in 2016 but the current administration has failed to complete the various road projects started under Mahama.

‘’The president in 2018 promised to fix our roads in two weeks but it is a year now and we have not seen the promise fulfilled.”

The honourable MP said, the NPP keeps telling Ghanaians they have implemented free Senior High School even when citizens demand for good roads.

He said, ‘’the NPP has lost touch with Ghanaians. Nana Addo has failed the people. Majority of Ghanaians are traders, farmers, commercial drivers and there are things they prioritize and these things are good roads, access to portable water, stable electricity and power supply, hospital and education. If you fail to deliver on these things, then the people will reject you. Ghanaians are disappointed and complaining but he is not paying attention to their plight.’’

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) MP said despite the loans contracted by the NPP, there is nothing to show for them.

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo in July 2018 assured the people of the Volta Region that his administration will fix the Eastern Corridor roads since in his view, the erstwhile John Mahama administration failed to execute the job.

Nana Akufo-Addo made the remarks while addressing the chiefs and people of Hohoe on Day two of his Volta Regional tour.

He told the chiefs and people on Tuesday, 10 July 2018 that: “President Mahama was saying that the period of his office has seen infrastructural development that we had never seen in Ghana before, unprecedented infrastructural development, and then I said I don’t see these unprecedented development, everywhere I go, I was on bad roads, and he said I was asleep on the road and that is why I didn’t see the good development that had taken place.

“Today, I’ve come on the eastern corridor road and I didn’t sleep one inch, I couldn’t sleep [because the road was bad]. We are going to fix it, Amoako Atta [Roads Minister] has told you he is going to fix it, we are going to fix it and it will not be for anybody to say whether somebody is asleep or not asleep, they will see that the roads have been fixed.”

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