The Bia West constituency of the ruling New Patriotic Party has slammed former President John Dramani Mahama for describing President Akufo-Addo as incompetent and a failure.

The secretary of the constituency Mr. George Monney said Mr Mahama does not have the moral right to describe Nana Addo as corrupt because he was a failure and led an incompetent appointees to mismanage the economy of Ghana when he was in power.

He is also challenging the NPP to provide a single evidence to prove their claims that the NPP led by the president is corrupt.

Read below the full statement

Our media friends, Opinion leaders, ladies and gentlemen, we welcome you all
to this emergency press conference. Thank you for making time with us despite
the short notice. It is our hope that the media would do us a lot of favors this
morning by ensuring that the issues we are about raise are put in the public
domain, especially in the hearing of the super Incompetent One H.E. John
Mahama and his bunch of incompetent NDC executives in Bia west will take note.
His Excellency Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo, our Great President of the
Republic of Ghana, is engaged in prudent economic management policies,
leading to the implementation of good policies and program such as Free Senior
High School, Planting for Food and Jobs, NABCO, one million per constituency,
reducing debt to GDP ratio, reducing interest rate to create business friendly
climate, growing the economy from 3.6% in 2016 to 8.5% in 2017, reduced inflation
from 16% to under 10% etc. These and many more policies and program are
geared towards improving the standard of living and the general wellbeing of the
citizens and the people of Bia West Constituency are not an exception.
In the fight on corruption, the office of special prosecuted have been created
and well resourced. The government has, since its election into office has cleared
the GHC1.2 billion arrears inherited under the NHIS. We need to remind NDC in Bia
West that just three years ago, patients were asked to pay cash or risk not being
treated at the Essam government hospital due to the near collapse of the NHIS in
the country.
We need not to remind the NDC that the Western North Region has been
created, paving way for good governance to be at our doorstep. We need not to remind them that the share of the DACF to persons with disabilities have been
increased by 50%. We are all witnesses to the goodies which was distributed to
the physically challenged during the independence day celebration at Essam,
our district capital.
Ladies and gentlemen this is just a fraction of the success story of the NPP since
the 7th of January 2017 that we have directly benefited as District
Our media friends, last week H.E. John Mahama toured the Western North Region
and made claims that H.E. the President of the Republic of Ghana, has been
nothing but a failure. This insinuation inspired two incompetent executives of the
NDC in Bia West, namely Alexander Sowu a.k.a. Messiah (Secretary) and Awudu
Lamini (Youth Organizer) to insult the President of Ghana and the Chairman of
our great party in the Bia West Constituency, calling both as the most wicked persons they have ever seen.
We want to place on record the following.

  1. If the words of the IMF and credit ratings are anything to go by, then the
    President of the republic deserves nothing but applauds. He has taken us
    from the shackles of the IMF conditionalities that John Mahama and his
    government shamelessly brought to Ghanaians through Economic
  2. Despite all the conditionalities of the IMF, the government was able to
    employ people in the critical sectors of the economy and introduced
    NABCO. Ladies and gentlemen of the press, it may interest you to know that
    5 graduates in our constituency have been employed by BNI, 4 by the
    Ghana Police Service, 2 by the Ghana Armed Forces and 103 under the
    NABCO program. We challenge the T.I.O. and his followers in the Bia West
    to name any individual they were able to employ in this district under the 8
    year rule of Mills/Mahama government.
  3. Media friends, it may interest you to know that Awudu Lamini, was jobless
    until the Akuffo Addo/Bawumia government came into office. He is one of the 35 graduates who were recruited into the Ghana Education Service
    during the Limited GES recruitment exercise. Through good policies and
    prudent economic management, Awudu Lamini a beneficiary of the
    Distance Education (Introduced by NPP under Kuffour) is now a proud
    teacher in the district. We thank Nana for putting money in Awudu’s
  4. The success story of the free Secondary education cannot be left out.
    Today, our two senior high schools in the district can boast of a combined
    student population of 2500. This means we will be having a lot more
    educated people within the next four years than the previous 8 years under
    NDC, where children stayed at home due to their inability to pay fees.
  5. Under the prudent economic measures, about 350 constituents have been
    employed under the Forestry Afforestation Program, 300 under the
    Pollination Exercise and about 1500 under the Cocoa Mass Spraying
  6. Schools benefiting from the School Feeding program have also increased
    by 30% in the district. Distant and less privilege schools such as the
    Amoakrom D/C primary, New Wenchi DC primary, Teacherkrom DC
    primary, Yawmetwa Presby, and a lot more are all benefiting from this
    Wickedness of Chairman Frank Cudjoe (Cocoa Sika)
  7. We are told by the NDC that, a man whose efforts has earned him a
    chieftaincy title in the Debiso Traditional Area is Wicked. If not for the
    incompetent NDC, we in people of Bia West never knew that;
    a. A man who is paying the school fees of 70 students is wicked.
    b. A man who single handily carried out rehabilitation works on the SSS
    section of Benchemaa- Oseikrom road is wicked. It may interest you to
    know that this road has never been awarded to a contractor until the
    inception of the Akufo Addo government. The construction of the road is scheduled to begin this year all thanks to the prudent economic
    c. A man who donated 100 chop- box, trunks and food items to students
    from Bia West who have gained admission under the Free Senior High
    School is wicked.
    d. A man whose business ingenuity caused the prices of cement and other
    building materials to be reduced drastically in the district when several
    dealers who predominantly were NDC functionaries were selling it twice
    the price he sold his is wicked.
    e. A man who had stood up and continue to help the needed is wicked.
    Ladies and Gentlemen, just as the record of the president remains unmatched by
    the NDC, so is the remarkable achievement of our beloved “Cocoa Sika”.
    The NDC MP for Bia West cannot even boast of a single project he has successfully
    completed since 2017. All we know is that, he is using all monies allocated to him
    in building a mansion for himself and his family. Instead of the NDC cracking the
    whip on their incompetent MP to perform, we find it intriguing that they have the
    nerve to talk about our respectable and resourceful chairman.
    Instead of the NDC in Bia West, concentrating their efforts in building the
    communication capacities of their MP, who we are told have been banned from
    speaking on Mass Media by the NDC party, we find it strange that they talk about
    our chairman.
    What battles US, is the inability of the incompetent NDC executives to tell us the
    actions of our Chairman that’s makes him wicked.
    We are challenging the NDC to come out with any illegality the NPP in this
    constituency have engage in that makes our chairman wicked.
    The Chairman of the Party in Bia West, just as the Regional and National
    Chairman, is a man of honor and a man of valor. A man whose boldness can only
    be compared to Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo.

We are committed in discharging our mandate to win this seat from the
incompetent Augustine Tawiah (PhD) for the first time in the history of our great
We will like to thank you all for coming to listen to us.
Long live the NPP
Long live Ghana
Thank you
George Monney
Secretary NPP Bia West

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