Akwasi Aboagye is part of the fallen standards-Critic

Entertainment critic, Chris Tsormanah has taken Kwasi Aboagye, an entertainment show host with Peace Fm to the cleaners over the latter’s recent comments on the fallen standard of entertainment shows.

Chris Tsormanah who was not happy about Akwasi Aboagye’s comments stated that he goofed with his claims that he does not do any form of research before hosting entertainment shows as compared to his political shows.

In a recent interview, Akwasi Aboagye when asked about is an assessment of entertainment discussion programmes on radio and television said there has been progress in the proliferation of entertainment discussion programmes on radio and television, the quality of analysis has waned.


“In terms of the numbers I think it is impressive but when it comes to the critique of the work, the content, looking at the discussion, the way it should go, and how we should raise the bar, I don’t think we are making any progress,” he said.

Akwasi, also a morning show host at Neat FM said most of the entertainment show presenters do not read wide to keep abreast of issues.

He added that he does a lot of research works before hosting his political shows but for the entertainment shows, he just goes on the show to host and could ask any form of questions of his entertainment guests.

But reacting to these comments, Tsormanah noted that Akwasi Aboagye is part of the fallen standards of entertainment shows.

According to him, he as a host did not do well in claiming that he does not need to research before hosting an entertainment show.

“It was so unfortunate for him to have said that. I am not saying his comments were not true. They were true but coming from him is unfortunate. Let me address his issue and say that it is the media that sets the agenda and he is saying that he prepares for his political shows but not his entertainment shows. He again says he can ask stupid questions on his entertainment shows. Hello! You know entertainment is serious business and yet you don’t prepare?

On his part, Yaw Dan of Boomplay slammed him saying his comments are part of the reasons why investors refuse to invest their resources into the industry.

He said he was happy that some top radio and TV entertainment hosts have criticized him for his unfortunate comments.

To him, the host did not try by making these comments and should come again.

The two made the comments on Rainbow Entertainment on Rainbow Radio Entertainment.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com

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