Tenancy agreements must be approved & stamped by Rent Control before rent is paid-PRO

The Rent Control Department has revealed that landlords are expected under the rent law to bring tenancy agreements to them for approval before the tenants pay and move into the rented rooms.

Public Relations Officer for the Department, Emmanuel Kporsu says before a tenant pays for his or her rent, the landlord must give them the agreement so that read to agree them.

He stressed the Rent Law mandates landlords to give agreements to their potential tenants to read and agree on them before paying.


After they agree, there should be a witness who will sign. The landlord will then go to the Department and register the agreement before taking the tenant’s money after the agreement has been stamped”.

He said after the agreement has been stamped, the landlord would then notify the Ghana Revenue Authority and then pay the approved tax required of them.

He explained that “Section 4 of the Rent Law requires that before you rent the room, you will give the tenant the agreement which contains your details and that of the tenant, rules, and regulations then you both sign, and allow a witness to also sign. After this process, you bring it to the rent department for the agreement to be stamped before you take money from the tenant.

We are to ensure the enforcement of the law but when tenants and landlords fail to follow the law, it becomes a problem. As Ghanaians, we all must obey the rent law. Several others are ignorant of the law. The National Commission on Civic Education is supposed to educate people on the law but due to logistical constraints, they are unable to do so”.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana

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