I’II give you dirty slaps when you try to laugh with me in town after beefing and dissing me on social media  – Kwaw Kese


Kwaw Kese, an award-winning rapper, claims he does not indulge in beef because he dislikes how Ghanaian musicians beef in the industry.

The rap celebrity said his style of beef is not the one that should be on social media, like we witnessed in Ghana.

For him, the beef should extend beyond social media and end on the street.


Kwaw Kese recently stated in an interview on Rainbow Radio 87.5FM’s Midmorning show that he would rather folks who say negative things about him on social media to be bold and meet him face to face rather than hiding behind social media.

He indicated that “beefing to me should not end on social media. If you diss me on social media and meet me face-to-face, you have to be bold and courageous to diss me in my face.
You are a p**** if you meet me face-to-face and unable to diss me in my face. When that happens, I will slap you in the face. 

You cannot diss me on social media, meet me face-to-face, pretend nothing has happened, or laugh with me. You cannot claim to be on social media or a killer, and yet when you meet me, you will want to greet me or speak with me. I don’t entertain such cowards. The social media beefs in Ghana don’t go well with me. You beef each other and meet in town and chat with each other, yet go back on social media and beef.

When I beef with you and meet you in town, I will walk away and ignore you. If you fool, I will give you a dirty slap. That’s how beef is to me. I don’t understand the beef in Ghana, and that is why I don’t entertain it.”

Kwaw Kese emphasised that he does not also entertain the kind of beef that is meant to hype creatives.

If he doesn’t know you and you insult his parents or anyone close to him, he will ignore you; if he does, he will respond.

“That is how it is. If you claim to be though on social media, you should be on the streets.”

He recounted how Kontihene and Asem dissed him, and yet when they met him, they wanted to laugh with him.

“Asem dissed him, and I responded. Where is he now? Kontihene also beefed me, and I responded in equal measure. He met me in town and wanted to laugh with me. I ignored him. That is how beef should be. You cannot sit on the radio and insult me, and yet, when we meet in town, you want me to entertain you? No, I don’t do that. Tinny recently came at me and said stupid things about me, and yet, when he met me, he wanted to talk to me. I nearly slapped him for that. Don’t hate me on social media, and when we are in public, you pretend to love me.”

By: Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana

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