What I make of the President’s Appointment – Finance-Opare Addo writes

Moody predicts that our debt to GDP will be hitting 80% of GDP. This is worrying for any country with this outlook and must take steps to correct it.

Based on the aforementioned, I am totally surprised that the President who holds a third class degree in economics from the University of Ghana with a self acclaimed economic messiah as his Vice President will still go ahead and appoint the outgone finance minister again! A man responsible for the current predicament of our economy. Why the President will reappoint someone like Ken Ofori Atta beats my mind.

Now let’s understand the Ken Ofori Atta paradox. It’s not so difficult to guess why the President wants to keep him around.


Ken was only appointed so the Akyem Mafia can continue their looting escapades without any hindrances.

He is the center piece of the Akyem dynasty that Akufo Addo is building. What new initiatives is Ken bringing to the Finance Ministry apart from tactless borrowing and issuing of suspicious bonds?

He has not exhibited any new ideas and our MPs in parliament must be bold to reject his appointment.
Another four years for Ken Ofori Atta as Finance Minister will mean doom for this country. All well meaning Ghanaians should join in supporting an outright rejection of that nominee.

Agyapa is still fresh on our minds, and an indictment on the conscience of the President and his henchmen.
How the banking sector reforms were handled should remind us of the inconsistencies, incompetence and lack of transparency Ken exhibited as finance minister.

Our dear MPs must show love to Ghana and be bold to reject this appointment. Ghana ?? deserves better and the president must appoint someone who has new ideas and has no integrity issues to become our finance minister,
Thank you.

By: George Opare Addo, Youth Organizer, NDC

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