Ghanaian DJs and Presenters should take the major blame for ‘killing’ highlife music – Smart Nkansah


Ghanaian highlife musician Smart Nkansah says Ghanaian DJs and presenters are part of the reasons why highlife music is no longer making waves.

He claimed that DJs no longer place value on highlife music.

He expressed concern that we have abandoned highlife music and shifted to genres that do not align with our cultural values.


“This is a topic for another day. But my worry is that you are part of the reason why highlife music is no longer viable. Ask yourself whether you play highlife music. Our music is highlife, but ask yourself what percentage of highlife songs are played on the radio. We are supposed to preserve our high-life music for the next generation. But that is not what is happening today.”

He stated that highlife music tells the stories of our lives, teaches, inspires, and corrects.

However, the current crop of musicians is not churning out songs with good lyrical content.

The musician acknowledged that while current generation musicians are performing well, their lyrics often contain profanity.

He advised that the current crop of musicians must be lyrically good and stop churning out songs with profane words.

“The creativity is there in our new generation of musicians, but the lyrics could be better than we hear today. Music is a form of communication. Musicians can curate songs for advocacy, social, and behavioural change, and so it is important for us to recognise this and do better,” he said on the Weekend Morning Show on Rainbow Radio 87.5 FM.”

By: Rainbowradioonline com/Ghana

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